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Tuesday February 27th

A ‘Dive’ into Jimin’s first album ‘FACE’

<p>(Photo courtesy of Spotify)</p>

(Photo courtesy of Spotify)

By Alyssa Serrano
Staff Writer

Jimin’s love and passion for music and dance is showcased in his first solo album, “FACE,” which was released on March 24. 

Jimin is a member of international music sensation BTS and is well known for his incredible vocal and dancing abilities. The album is unlike anything he has previously released and only proves Jimin is capable of taking on any style of music.

“Face-Off,” which is the first track on the album, begins with a tune that sounds similar to those played at games at carnivals or fairs. It fades from the horns of the carnival into the keyboard of the actual song, and it’s a very stark difference because the actual song is very angry, but the opening leaves the listener expecting something completely different. The song ends up feeling like something that would play in a show where they are investigating a crime. The song is so smooth and the beat is delicious. “Face-Off” makes me feel like I’m floating around on the beat, and his voice sounds incredible. 

“Interlude: Dive” comes next and perfectly continues with the mysterious and dreamy vibes that “Face-Off” creates. The beginning sounds like rewinding, and to me, it feels like this interlude is him visiting his past self. We hear him introducing himself and we hear the screaming of fans, and it feels like a nod to both his hard work as a member of BTS and also his bond with their fans, which are called ARMYs. I’m normally not a huge fan of interludes on albums because they tend to feel boring compared to the rest of the album, but this one feels very sentimental and warm and it fits so well with the rest of the album.

The following song, “Like Crazy,” is the one after long deliberation I have determined is my favorite. I am a big fan of bedroom pop music, and this track is giving me everything I needed from this album. The song feels very breathy; it feels like the building of romantic tension in a love story. I knew from the teaser of the song I would be obsessed, but it is even better than I had anticipated. The music video is gorgeous; I love the colors, and it feels hazy in a similar way to the episodes in the television show “Euphoria.” The club setting of the music video was the perfect atmosphere to match the vibe of the song. 

The next song is “Alone,” and I love how it switches from what feels like a very romantic sensual song with “Like Crazy” to one about being lonely. Jimin’s voice in this song feels like receiving a heartfelt message from a lifetime friend. I really enjoyed the distorted sounds and how there’s an echoing choir fading in and out in the background. It sort of feels like how in a dream you can’t trust what is happening because, at the end of the day, it is only a dream, and you will eventually wake up and be fine. This song is a little slower paced than the other songs on the album, but I like how the differences in styles of the songs showcase the sorrow that comes with anger. “Alone” is consistent with the dreamy vibe and fits perfectly with the rest of the album. It's definitely one of my favorites.


“Set me Free Pt. 2” is next. This song was released a week ahead of the rest of the album, so I have had a little more time to collect my thoughts on this one. My first thoughts upon hearing it was that it had a very similar vibe to a lot of my favorite BTS songs, such as “On,” “Blood Sweat and Tears,” “Black Swan,” and “Lie.” I feel like I should be watching a marching band performing it. I love the music video for this song, and I think it’s really cool that, unlike the music video for “Like Crazy,” the camera is not focusing on Jimin’s face. This music video is all about the art of dance, and I love how each step in the choreography has a purpose, each movement is a key part of the story Jimin is sharing with everyone watching. It’s truly incredible.


The last track on Spotify is the English version of “Like Crazy.” This song is my favorite on the album, though I prefer the original version. Even though I have a preference, the song is incredible in both versions. Jimin’s voice is really flirty, and he pulls off this sound really well. I love how experimental he is with his music and how all the songs in his discography are. 


On the physical CD version of the album there is a hidden track called “Letter” which features Jimin’s fellow BTS member, Jungkook. The full song is 10 minutes long, but that is because the actual song does not begin until six minutes and 13 seconds of silence have passed. This is a nod to the debut date of BTS, which was in June 2013. The song itself is a love letter to their fans and it is so sweet, soft and comforting. It asks fans to stick by his side even though he can’t say what will come next. The song is absolutely beautiful and adds such a nice touch to the album.

This is definitely my favorite album of the year so far, and I’ll definitely be streaming it on loop. Jimin did an incredible job, and the love he put into making this album is evident. I truly can’t wait to hear and see what Jimin has in store next.


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