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Sunday May 26th

To serve and protect: A profile on Campus Police Chief Timothy Grant

Chief Timothy T. Grant in his office. His previous campus police uniforms hung on display on the left. (Photo courtesy of John Marshall).
Chief Timothy T. Grant in his office. His previous campus police uniforms hung on display on the left. (Photo courtesy of John Marshall).

By Victoria Gladstone
Managing Editor

For Chief of Campus Police Timothy Grant, being a part of law enforcement has always been in his blood. 

After his father had a career in the military and his three other brothers became state troopers, Grant’s career path clearly led to serving the state of New Jersey. Grant worked with the New Jersey State Police for 28 years, following his attendance at the police academy.

As a New Jersey local, Grant has stayed in the state his entire life and is currently a resident of Trenton. In 2009, Grant heard of an open captain position and applied because of the appeal to working with the College. In 2018, Grant was promoted to Chief.

“I liked the idea of working with the College,” said Grant. “I was local to it.”

Now he has two daughters, both alumni of the College, who work for the state’s law enforcement. One works as a Sergeant in Ewing Township and the other works as a K-9 detective.

Currently in his 14th year working at the Campus Police department of the College, Grant carefully manages the work done by Campus Police to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Many large-scale events, including the commencement ceremony and the Homecoming football game, require “all hands on deck” as Campus Police works to protect all attendees. 

Grant also discussed how he oversees the workshops run by Campus Police that prioritize recruiting staff and preparing the community in cases of emergency, including frequent active shooter training classes. These classes ensure that police officers are crafting their skills to protect the campus community from all angles. 

Grant also plays an important role in bridging the gap between the Campus Police station and the College’s community. 

“We want people to know that we are here for them and where we are,” said Grant. “We want them to look at us as a resource.”

In the last few years, Campus Police has begun hosting a “Campus Safety Night” to unite the community and celebrate the new semester. 

The cook-out, an idea from a student, takes place every Wednesday after Labor Day and is held in the Campus Police parking lot. Students and faculty of the College are invited to attend and interact with the Campus Police staff in a more casual setting before each fall semester kicks off.

Grant discussed how this event is relatively unique, noting that it is one of the only college police stations to hold it. 

For several years now, Campus Police has closely connected with the Criminology Club and other safety-related organizations on campus like the Lions EMTs. 

Grant notes that “they are so great to work with,” and he’s happy to form personal connections with students to help them succeed, no matter where they end up. 

Whether it’s something small like helping someone who may be locked out of their office or jump-starting the dead battery of a car, fully trained Campus Police officers are always available to help.

“Any calls that we get we are going to see it through from the beginning to the end,” Grant said. 

Campus Police’s main priority is campus safety, and Grant is happy to report they are constantly looking to improve. 

“I’m really proud of the police department that we have,” said Grant. “All of the officers are continually trained and continually educated.”

Chief Grant is a dedicated member of Campus Police and has served his community his entire life.

“It’s been a great career,” Grant said with a smile.


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