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Friday December 8th

Victoria Gladstone

In between marches, student speakers recited chants and spoke about the Israel-Palestine war (Photo courtesy of Aiman Shaikh).

Pro-Palestinian students speak out on campus

As the war continues in the Middle East, students at the College in support of Palestinians are voicing their thoughts and hosting protests on campus. On Oct. 25 and Nov. 8, students supporting the cause marched through the main pathway through campus, between Alumni Grove and the bronze lion statue heading towards Trenton Hall. 

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(Photo courtesy of Flickr / “Romantic Picture” by Robert Doloczki / September 22, 2016).

OPINION: The power of gratitude

Life’s hard as a college student. I will not lie! My feelings have been all over the place recently after becoming a senior and coming close to the dreadful post-graduate life. To combat my sometimes overwhelming emotions, I’ve started practicing gratitude and thinking critically about how I react to the things around me. 

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A blanket of smoke covers the football stadium of the College on the evening of June 7 (Photo courtesy of Mike Sherr / Editor-In-Chief).

Canadian wildfires smoke out NJ

During this exceptionally hot and dry season, Canada has become a hotspot for wildfires just at the beginning of the summer. Their wildfire season started in May and will not end until October. This destructive natural disaster event happening in the northernmost points of North America is heavily affecting several states in America including New York and New Jersey. 

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