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Friday December 8th

This is the way to what looks like an incredible season 3 of ‘The Mandalorian’

<p>(Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="">IMDb</a>)<br/><br/></p>

(Photo courtesy of IMDb)

By Alyssa Serrano
Staff Writer

“The Mandalorian” has finally returned with the premier of the third season, and this season is looking like it may be even better than the first two!

The first episode begins with revealing the ceremony that foundlings go through in order to become full-fledged Mandalorians. It was really interesting to see at least a part of what Din Djarin (Mando) went through before getting to where he is as we currently know him. This is also a great way to juxtapose the Mandalorians that Din was trained and raised by versus those who were Mandalorian by blood. Where Din’s Mandalorians are loyal and will give their all to protect one another as long as they follow the oath, the other Mandalorians abandoned their princess the moment she lost the dark saber. 

It also builds upon how Din’s Mandalorians stick to their traditions, because even after Din saved them he was not welcomed back. He was simply reminded that he was exiled and not to return unless he somehow managed to go to the mines of their old planet and bathe in the water there. 

Din is willing to be vulnerable and put himself at risk for the love and admiration he has for his comrades and friends, which clearly distinguishes him from those who were Mandalorian by blood. This episode proves this further as he leaves to go get parts to repair the droid that had sacrificed itself in order to save Grogu. Din could have very easily gone and found another droid to take with him on his mission, but Din has shown to be very loyal to those who remain loyal to him — even if it does end up with him in inconvenient situations.

The show does a really great job of giving the characters consistent and logical development. When characters make decisions, they make sense and are true to what they have established previously. It makes a story that could be quite confusing understandable even to people who may not have previously watched the other Star Wars shows or movies. 

Another thing that really stands out is how incredible the props, CGI, makeup and costumes are. One of my favorite parts of the show is looking at what people wear and look like on every planet, whether they are the Pykes, the Troopers or literally any of the many fantastical creatures featured in the show. I would love to see behind-the-scenes of the designing of the costumes and getting the many background actors ready and in costume for the scene they are to be featured in.

This episode was a really smart way of getting the viewer’s to understand what point all the characters are in and build up suspense for what is to come, especially regarding the New Republic and Mandalore (the home planet of the Mandalorians). Lately, a lot of shows seem afraid to let the plot build and instead try to rush into action, out of fear of people calling an episode a filler. In “The Mandalorian,” the slow build is executed perfectly and really adds to the suspense and drama of the show.


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