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Tuesday December 5th

Emerging from “Caves”: NEEDTOBREATHE's transformative ninth studio album

<p><em>Embark on a musical voyage with NEEDTOBREATHE&#x27;s electrifying and transformative ninth studio album, “Caves.” (Photo courtesy of </em><a href="" target=""><em>Apple Music</em></a><em>)<br/></em></p>

Embark on a musical voyage with NEEDTOBREATHE's electrifying and transformative ninth studio album, “Caves.” (Photo courtesy of Apple Music)

By Jasmine Lee
Staff Writer

NEEDTOBREATHE has always brought a fresh perspective to rock music. With “Caves,” their ninth studio album, the band has created an original sound that is both infectious and filled with energy.

The album from the musical ensemble composed of Bear Rinehart, Seth Bolt, Josh Lovelace, Randall Harris and Tyler Burkum, collectively known as NEEDTOBREATHE, consists of 11 tracks and was officially unveiled on Sept.15. This record includes special musical contributions from Old Dominion, Carly Pearce and Foy Vance.

NEEDTOBREATHE, a Grammy-nominated multi-platinum rock band, boasts a billion streams, Billboard chart-topping albums and sold-out global performances. They have also received Billboard Music Award nominations and made appearances on numerous major television shows, according to their website.

In the album “Caves,” the band emerges from a metaphorical cave, symbolizing that even in the darkest and most perilous situations one can find the courage to look at things differently. This sentiment is encapsulated in the lyrics from their song “The Cave” when they sing, “But you still see me, crawling, hands and knees / coming out of the mouth.” 

Among my favorites on this album are “The Cave”, “Wasting Time,” “Fall on Me” and “Temporary Tears.”

The band starts this album off with a bang with their title track “The Cave.” Right from the start, the audience is greeted with a mounting instrumental that holds them on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the commencement of the vocals. As the track progresses, there is a captivating blend of guitar and banjo, creating an intriguing yet dynamic fusion of sounds.

Track six, titled “Wasting Time,” kicks off with a powerful drumbeat that smoothly transitions into harmonious vocals, instantly captivating the listener's focus. The song’s theme revolves around valuing time while feeling trapped in the same mundane routine and avoiding any opportunity to change it.

“Fall On Me” is a comforting and heartfelt melody that will leave you feeling warm and reassured. The band switches things up from the rock music in earlier tracks and brings in a gentler melody with piano notes and a subtle touch of strings. The theme of discovering solace and affection in someone else is clear not just in the lyrics. It is also evident in the music, capable of warming even the most reserved of hearts.

The final song on their album, “Temporary Tears,” exudes an ethereal quality with layered vocals reminiscent of a church choir. The listener can discern the gospel and Christian inspiration woven into this track. The song beautifully portrays how life can present challenges, yet also reveals moments of triumph and hope within them.

Overall, NEEDTOBREATHE has consistently brought a fresh perspective to rock music, and its ninth studio album, “Caves,” showcases an original sound that is both infectious and brimming with energy. Through poignant lyrics and evocative instrumentals, NEEDTOBREATHE encourages listeners to find courage and hope even in the darkest of times. You should definitely check out this album.


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