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Monday April 15th

Best of France Antiques offers an immersive shopping experience

<p><em>Located in Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania, Best of France offers a unique experience for all ages. (Photo by Olivia Harrison / Staff Writer).</em></p>

Located in Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania, Best of France offers a unique experience for all ages. (Photo by Olivia Harrison / Staff Writer).

By Olivia Harrison
Staff Writer 

When one rides down Route 202 in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, they don't expect to see giant dinosaurs on the side of the road. Over eight feet tall and eye-popping, the dinosaur statues are provided a home at Best of France Antiques, an antique store that doubles as a roadside attraction. Located in Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania, about 10 minutes from Peddler's Village in Lahaska, the attraction has become popular amongst the public. 

Best of France Antiques is set on former farmland and features antiques from the early 19th century to restored modern sculptures. This isn’t your typical antique store, with multiple booths and items you’d find at an estate sale. It is an all-in immersive viewing and shopping experience. 

The property features a three-story barn, showroom and workshop filled with eclectic treasures from all over the world, including Europe. The owners travel to France, Romania and Germany in order to find pieces for the shop. 

“We go to auctions, antique shows, private homes, castles, estate sales, online, wherever there is a chance to find that special item. If it is purchased overseas and is a big piece then that also involves having it shipped to the US, go through special customs at local ports and finally being driven to the store,” wrote the owner Edmondo Crimi in a blog post from 2014.

One of the most unique aspects of the shop is the outdoor sculpture garden. Filled with life-size statues of various animals, mythical creatures and 19th-century architecture, the gardens provide a hands-on, artistic viewing experience. Because of the shop’s massive size, touring the outside grounds can take anywhere from two to three hours. 

As customers walk along the winded path, they will encounter peacocks and other animal friends outside. Additionally, in the spring and summer, the gardens feature a traditional, working stone fountain and garden decorations available for purchase.

In the barn, the treasures are packed in. The first floor is devoted to antique medieval armor and arsenals, while the second floor is filled with vintage furniture from various centuries. The third and final floor, located in the loft of the barn features antique chandeliers from France. 


But, the best-kept secret to the shop is everything is for sale, including the outside statues. Throughout the grounds and barn are signs listing a number that customers can call or text a staff member to inquire. 

So next time you happen to be in the Bucks County area, stop your journey and spend two hours exploring Best of France. You may never know what you find or what adventures and memories you will make.


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