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Monday April 15th

Netflix’s romantic drama ‘One Day’ will leave you gut-wrenched

<p>This beautiful new adaptation of the popular novel and criticized 2011 film will leave your heart throbbing. (Photo courtesy of <a href="" target="">IMDb</a>)</p>

This beautiful new adaptation of the popular novel and criticized 2011 film will leave your heart throbbing. (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

By Jasmine Lee
Staff Writer 

Netflix has premiered a series adaptation of the romantic drama “One Day,” which is based on David Nicholls’ acclaimed novel of the same title.

The novel and subsequent film adaptations depict the lives of Emma, portrayed by Ambika Mod, and Dexter, portrayed by Leo Woodall. The characters first encounter each other on the night of their university graduation in Edinburgh on July 15, 1988. The narrative then unfolds, chronicling their respective life events for the following two decades.

The initial film adaptation of the novel starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess, released in 2011, evoked a few tears in me. However, the emotional impact of this series far surpassed it.

This series has sparked significant buzz on social media platforms since its debut, particularly TikTok. Viewers are sharing videos of themselves shedding tears over the poignant tale of love, loss and friendship depicted in the show.

The series portrays two friends who evolve into romantic partners while also navigating life's various challenges and triumphs.

It began with a failed one-night stand on the night of their graduation. Despite the initial discomfort, they discovered a profound connection through their heartfelt conversations about their future aspirations, rather than mere physical intimacy.

Throughout the years, their friendship endured numerous adversities, including navigating career uncertainties and confronting unspoken romantic sentiments that they both avoided addressing or pursuing.

What makes this series extremely moving is the interplay between these best friends, alongside witnessing the trials they face as they mature. The series portrays the harsh realities of individuals in their 20s and 30s, including coping with loss and grappling with substance addiction.

It encapsulates the trope of one person falling for the other first, but the other falling even deeper. Through the characters, we witness a genuine love that matures over time, offering a bitter portrayal of the sometimes harsh sacrifices made for wholehearted affection.

I relished witnessing the characters evolve and transform throughout the turbulent 14-episode journey, where moments arose that caused me to shout at the screen, urging the characters to confront their true emotions. The romantic aspect of the series unfolded gradually, yet every moment proved to be vital. Anticipate being left emotionally wrecked, as I undeniably was.

This series adaptation fixed what the 2011 film didn’t quite get right. The episodic format gave us a chance to truly get to know the characters and understand their backgrounds and personalities. Unlike the rushed pace of the movie, the series took its time, which I am immensely grateful for. Converting this novel into a series, rather than attempting another film adaptation, was undoubtedly the correct decision.

Mod and Woodall conveyed every emotion of their characters with great skill and detail. Their acting skillfully conveyed every tear shed, every voice crack, every burst of laughter and every display of rage, leaving me deeply moved. Their performances were so compelling that they sent shivers down my spine and brought tears to my eyes. It was an utterly captivating and flawlessly executed experience.

One thing that really impressed me was how accurately the camera work and film style captured the different periods, transitioning seamlessly from a vintage Polaroid vibe to a more modern feel. Coupled with the music, this created a fully immersive experience.

In essence, “One Day” made me realize the intense beauty and pain of love and heartbreak when you care for someone more than anything else in the world. It left me emotionally shaken for a while after watching, but I’d go through it all over again without hesitation.


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