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Sunday March 3rd

Student employment at TCNJ: More than just a job

<p><em>Ambassadors in particular are a very cooperative position that keeps students in touch with the exciting parts of campus life (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Berwick).<br/></em></p>

Ambassadors in particular are a very cooperative position that keeps students in touch with the exciting parts of campus life (Photo courtesy of Chelsea Berwick).

By Nicholas Steinhauser
Staff Writer

Across the College, there are many undergraduate students on campus who work jobs in between classes that are important to both themselves and the campus community. There are several different types of jobs offered exclusively to students, giving a wide range of possibilities available to those who want to get more out of the college experience.

While getting a job may seem difficult for many students, there are several resources on campus, such as bulletins or emails, that notify students about potential job opportunities. The College’s student employment website is another resource for students to learn more about applying to certain on-campus jobs.

“This Week at TCNJ emails and the approved posting bulletin boards on campus made it easy to know that applications for being an ambassador were available,” said Chelsea Berwick, a sophomore history major, who currently works as an ambassador on campus. Ambassadors serve as tour guides for prospective students and promote the public image of the College.

But departments across campus have cut student worker hours and positions in recent months, as the College continues to cut costs, leaving fewer opportunities for students to make money while at school.

Jobs may also differ on their availability. “Some of the jobs are more competitive than others, but I believe that there is something for everyone if you want to get a job on campus,” said Berwick.

Student employment is a great way for students to get more involved in campus life as well. Since these campus jobs mainly consist of undergraduates, it is likely that students will work together consistently and get to know each other better.

Ambassadors in particular are a very cooperative position that keeps students in touch with the exciting parts of campus life.

“I think a key piece of the ambassadors program that I love is that you get exposed to so many new people in different areas of campus. The program is very well run, and we work well together and get to be heavily involved in the campus community,” said Berwick.

In terms of undergraduate working conditions, the interests of the undergraduates as students comes first.

“Employers are definitely cognisant of the fact that you are a student first,” said Zoe Talbot, a graduate English student. “They understand that being a student worker isn’t supposed to be something that one lives off of, as it's more of a supplemental position in a student’s campus life. In her undergraduate years at the College, Talbot worked as a tutor and a theater technician.

Campus jobs are also quite available to off-campus undergraduates. “On-campus jobs are only a short distance from your residence, and they tend to offer schedules that are student-friendly,” said Kaitlyn Bireta, a sophomore undeclared business student. Bireta works as a peer tutor, which she believes is very accessible for students.

“I feel that peer tutoring is a good job for a student because you set your own schedule and even have the choice as to whether you tutor in-person or online,” Bireta said.

Undergraduate employment can also be essential for a student’s long-term goals. Depending on the job and the prospective career, students can find jobs that fit into their interests and gain more experience in a field they want to pursue.

Talbot commented on how her undergraduate employment has affected her career aspirations. “One of the biggest reasons I became a tutor is because I want to be a teacher. Now, I’m actually teaching a first-year writing course and helping tutors learn the things that I used to do,” she said.

However, one of the most important aspects of undergraduate employment is how a student worker can make an impact on the community as a whole. There are many jobs on campus that serve to help others and enhance the overall college experience and success of the students.

Peer tutoring in particular is an extremely rewarding job that enables students to assist others in their academic success.

“Working as a tutor is definitely a job that will leave you feeling good on a regular basis,” said Bireta. “I enjoy being able to see students grasp concepts that they were feeling overwhelmed by and seeing their confidence increase.”

Student employment is a very rewarding experience that allows students from many different fields to find professional experience in a field they are passionate about. For anyone interested in an on-campus job, the student employment site is a great place to start learning about potential positions and applications.


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