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Saturday June 15th

Nicholas Steinhauser

The spring's extreme amount of rain creates a gloomy atmosphere and contributes to seasonal depression. (Photo courtesy of Flickr / Mike Maguire, July 25, 2018)

OPINION: Spring is the worst season

With the arrival of spring, I began thinking about this season compared to others. Spring is thought of as a beautiful, peaceful time, but this perception of the season is rarely, if ever, true. When stacked against each other, I believe spring to be the worst season for many reasons.

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Streaming services are the most popular platforms through which Americans watch television (Photo courtesy of Flickr).

OPINION: Today’s streaming services are underwhelming

Gone are the days of cable TV, as streaming services are more convenient for people who want to binge-watch movies or one of their favorite shows. Despite this, the quality of such services is often not discussed. If you have most of these streaming platforms, you’ll be able to access a wide variety of great movies and shows. Individually, however, I believe that most of them have glaring problems.

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(Photo courtesy of Marceline Hale / Staff Photographer)

What to expect as a grad student at the College

There are many graduate programs offered at the College that give students more experiences here on campus. These can include academic opportunities with their departments or leadership experiences with undergraduates. What people might not know is how these graduate programs change students’ involvement on campus. 

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