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Monday May 20th

Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Deeper Well’: The perfect album for soul-searching

<p><em>Kacey Musgraves&#x27; most recent album, “Deeper Well,” offers her listeners insight into her personal growth and experiences as she navigates through life. (Courtesy of </em><a href="" target=""><em>Apple Music</em></a><em>)</em></p>

Kacey Musgraves' most recent album, “Deeper Well,” offers her listeners insight into her personal growth and experiences as she navigates through life. (Courtesy of Apple Music)

By Jasmine Lee
Staff Writer

Kacey Musgraves’ much-awaited fifth album, “Deeper Well,” is ideal for those seeking to cultivate self-kindness and grace while embracing self-love. 

Released on March 15, the album features 14 tracks. Musgraves, an established American country singer, has been blending her millennial viewpoint into her country songwriting since the 2010s, often reshaping traditional country music with her unique style.

Some of my favorites within this album are “Cardinal,” “Deeper Well,” “Dinner with Friends,” “The Architect” and “Heaven Is.”

“Cardinal” was an ideal introduction to an album that explores the intricate layers of life’s meanings. The track’s acoustic guitar, accompanied by intermittent drum beats, evokes memories of The Mamas & The Papas’ classic "California Dreamin’." Its message carries a bittersweet tone, delving into the theme of losing someone dear but feeling their eternal presence watching over you. 

The second song on this album, “Deeper Well,” quickly became a cherished favorite of mine as soon as I heard it. It delves into the importance of self-care, highlighting that looking after oneself is not selfish but rather essential. The track is infused with themes of self-discovery, breaking away from negativity and navigating the journey of aging and life transitions. It made me realize life is too short to be overthinking trivial things.

The song “Dinner with Friends” has a profound impact on me, almost moving me to tears when I pay close attention to its lyrics. Kacey Musgraves' poignant lines like “Intimate conversations stretching into the night / Sunlight creating patterns on my floor / And the early days of June, when fireflies first light up the sky,” feel like honey seeping into my soul, wrapping my heart in the comforting warmth of life’s simple pleasures.

Track 10, “The Architect,” captivates me with its mesmerizing harmonies and profound spiritual message. Musgraves delves into a contemplative journey, questioning the divine about the mysteries of the world’s wonders and natural splendors. The lyrics revolve around existential queries, pondering the meaning of true existence and whether it unfolds according to a grand plan or mere chance.

The twelfth track, “Heaven Is,” has deeply touched my heart, filling it with immense joy. This track is a beautiful acoustic guitar ballad accompanied by delicate violin strings that add a touch of ethereal charm. This song’s lyrics are breathtaking and tranquil, expressing the pure bliss of hearing a loved one calling your name. The composition evokes imagery of a Renaissance lullaby, with Musgraves adorned with a flower crown atop her head and a gentle breeze gently tousling her hair as she performs.

Ultimately, Musgraves has a unique ability to connect with her audience through her lyrical mastery. Since her 2018 album “Golden Hour,” Musgraves has undergone significant growth, both musically and personally, evolving her musical style and the messages she seeks to convey. The profound depth and spirituality present in this album alone make it a valuable experience, particularly for those seeking reflection and self-discovery.


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