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Monday May 20th

‘Love Is Blind’ Season 6: It’s time to ignore the red flags

<p><em>In contrast to previous seasons, season six doesn&#x27;t hold back when it comes to delivering messy drama. (Photo Courtesy of </em><a href="" target=""><em>IMDb</em></a><em>)</em></p>

In contrast to previous seasons, season six doesn't hold back when it comes to delivering messy drama. (Photo Courtesy of IMDb)

By Jasmine Lee
Staff Writer

(Warning: Mild spoilers ahead)

The finale of season six of “Love Is Blind” aired on March 6, delivering a captivating blend of familiar drama from previous seasons alongside fresh romantic pairings to captivate viewers.

“Love Is Blind,” a Netflix reality series conceptualized by Chris Coelen and hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, revolves around a unique social experiment. First premiering on Feb.13, 2020, the show follows singles as they seek love and commit to engagements without ever meeting face-to-face.

Each season, I ponder the decisions made by the show’s casting team and the contestants chosen bringing forth their red flags. Contestant Abhishek Chatterjee’s unapologetic fatphobia in season two quickly comes to mind, along with Andrew Liu’s resorting to using eye drops to feign tears in front of producers in season three. 

This series has consistently attracted individuals displaying questionable behavior. Much to my disappointment, season six has seen its fair share of participants bringing their own set of issues to the table, resulting in a spectacle of drama that’s impossible to look away from.

Within the initial episodes, several antagonists emerged from the dating pods. Among them was Matthew, who employed a repetitive script to charm multiple women, and then attempted to evade responsibility by suggesting that “America” favors an “underdog.”

Upon examining the five couples who transitioned from the pods into real-world relationships, it became evident that some failed to meet the initial expectations.

Some participants progressed beyond the initial stages but faltered just before reaching the finish line, exemplified by Clay’s suave demeanor, which initially deceived me but Clay succumbed to his arrogance and commitment issues in the end. Ultimately, Clay left his fiancee AD at the altar after she uttered her vows, only to be left standing alone.

It wasn’t just the men vying for attention this season. Chelsea, a flight attendant bearing a striking resemblance to Megan Fox, grappled with self-confidence and trust issues in her relationship with Jimmy, resulting in their eventual demise. As for Jeremy’s involvement with his ex-fling in the pods, Sarah Ann, I hardly know where to begin.

Ultimately, it was the tumultuous dynamics between these two couples that compelled me to watch until the very end, anticipating their inevitable unraveling. It felt equivalent to witnessing a ticking time bomb.

This season was full of dramatic twists and turns. Just when I believed the waters had calmed and tranquility was on the horizon, a storm had been quietly brewing beneath the surface, poised to erupt at any moment.

In this season, the sole pair who exchanged vows were contestants Johnny and Amy, maintaining their affectionate and steadfast bond throughout, while witnessing the trials of the other couples. It was immensely satisfying to witness the couple I had been cheering for all season finally achieve their fairytale ending.

The anticipation didn't stop there. I saw more drama and updates on the season six married couple during the reunion episode, which aired on March 13. The hour-and-a-half episode featured this season’s cast and contestants from past seasons, delving into heated moments that had me gasping in shock or laughing every few minutes.

In essence, for aficionados of reality show drama, this series is an absolute must-watch!


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