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Monday May 20th

Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘GUTS (spilled)’: Songs from heartbreak to healing

<p><em>Olivia Rodrigo was not done spilling her guts and has released a deluxe version of “GUTS,” featuring five new tracks. (Photo courtesy of </em><a href="" target=""><em>Apple Music</em></a><em>)</em></p>

Olivia Rodrigo was not done spilling her guts and has released a deluxe version of “GUTS,” featuring five new tracks. (Photo courtesy of Apple Music)

By Jasmine Lee
Staff Writer

One thing you should know about Olivia Rodrigo is that she is really good at keeping secrets. However, she spilled those secrets for anyone daring to listen as she revealed and released a deluxe edition of her latest album, titled “GUTS (spilled).”

During the second night of her GUTS World Tour in Chicago, the 21-year-old pop star revealed the much anticipated deluxe version of “GUTS” on March 20, according to People Magazine. Fans at the show could be heard screaming with excitement as Rodrigo unfolded a piece of paper that read, “GUTS DELUXE OUT FRIDAY,” accompanied by her backup dancers holding signs of the names of the anticipated tracks.

Rodrigo also posted the announcement on her Instagram for those who missed the news in person.

The deluxe album, “GUTS (spilled),” offers five additional tracks: “obsessed,” “girl i’ve always been,” “scared of my guitar,” “stranger” and “so american.” Rodrigo also released an exclusive music video for her track “obsessed.” The deluxe tracks further explore the original themes of the album, which dive into the concepts of angsty young adulthood, heartbreak, living in American society and womanhood. 

“obsessed” expresses the irritating and envious emotions that arise when becoming a guy’s next girl. The lyrics discuss the comparisons that someone might naturally start to make between themselves and their significant other’s past partners. Slowly they can see how their partner’s ex has dominated their mind, causing them to overthink and analyze every little detail.

The second track, “girl I’ve always been,” offers a refreshing break from Rodrigo’s usual grungy pop-rock style. This song takes on a livelier pop-folk vibe by transitioning from electric guitar and drum kits to acoustic guitar and light percussion. Rodrigo discusses her decision to break away from being conventional and simply just be authentically herself without hiding behind a facade. The phrase, “What you see is what you get,” captures the essence of this track.

The next track, “scared of my guitar,” is a raw and sincere acoustic ballad that resonates with me from the very first chord. For many musicians, writing music serves as a way to explore their emotions, and for Rodrigo, it has brought forth a range of complex feelings about her romantic experiences. It’s a song about fighting the insecurities, doubts and mistrust that linger in your mind and learning to push past them so that you can fully experience the genuine happiness and positive aspects within a current relationship. 

“stranger” is an upbeat and reassuring melody that celebrates finally getting over a past relationship. Rodrigo’s lyrics,“’Cause I was half myself without you and now I feel so complete / And I can’t even remember what made me lose all that sleep / I criеd a million rivers for you, but that’s over now / You’re just a strangеr I know everything about,” warm the heart and make anyone who is going through heartbreak feel a little bit whole again.

Rodrigo throws us a curveball with the joyous theme of “so american.” The song captures the enchanting honeymoon phase of a love story between a European and an American. The energetic electric bass and heavy drums evoke feelings of excitement and liveliness that are backed by so much kinetic energy. I envision someone wearing rose-colored glasses while feeling butterflies and giddiness that make you want to leap for joy. 

In essence, Rodrigo presents a varied range of themes and melodies in her deluxe tracks, complementing the existing 12 tracks in the original album “GUTS” seamlessly. It’s refreshing to see Rodrigo’s evolution when it comes to her views on romance, transitioning from heartbreak to healing and triumph. This collection is definitely worth listening to for fans of Rodrigo or anyone who enjoys catchy pop-rock tunes that will linger in your mind and have you listening to them on repeat.


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