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Monday May 20th

‘Pokémon Legends Z-A’ joins the battle and the Nintendo franchise

<p><em>“Pokémon Legends Z-A” serves as a remake of “Pokémon X and Y,” and as a sequel to “Pokémon Legends: Arecus.” (Photo courtesy of </em><a href="" target=""><em>IMDb</em></a><em>)</em></p>

“Pokémon Legends Z-A” serves as a remake of “Pokémon X and Y,” and as a sequel to “Pokémon Legends: Arecus.” (Photo courtesy of IMDb)

By Olivia Harrison
Staff Writer

The Pokémon Company announced a new game for the Nintendo Switch in 2025 during their digital press release “Pokémon Presents.”

Titled “Pokémon Legends Z-A,” the game serves as a sequel to the hit game “Pokémon Legends: Arecus,” which was released in 2022. Through a press release and digital trailer, viewers were given a first look at the game's setting, the fictional Lumiose City, within the Kalos region of the franchise. Many fans are excited about the sequel as the game is a remake of the 3DS Pokémon games “Generation X and Y.” 

Since the release of  “Pokémon Sun and Moon” in 2016, Nintendo has released a new game annually. Each game is either a new addition to the Pokémon series or a remastered remake of a previous game, also known as a Generation. 

In addition, the company is known for following a pattern when releasing their games. Usually, Nintendo releases two main games and a third follow-up, which features an expanded amount of Pokémon and more in-game incentives than the previous two games. The only generation to not follow this pattern so far has been “Generation X and Y.” Hence, many fans believe that “Pokémon Legends Z-A” could be the third and final installment of “X and Y.” 

However, since “Pokémon Legends Z-A” is set to release in 2025, some fans are disappointed with the wait while others are excited because it gives Nintendo and The Pokémon Company a chance to improve and remaster “X and Y” to the best of their ability while also giving gamers the third installment. 

“It's amazing to see Kalos get revisited now as many people in the community felt that the original Kalos games, ‘X and Y,’ deserved a third installment in 2016 but ‘Pokémon Sun and Moon’ were announced instead,” said junior computer science major Mohamed Islam. “It's exciting to think that Pokémon is revisiting one of my favorite childhood games with the new ‘Legends’ game style.” 

Although the trailer did not reveal too much about the game, fans were teased with the comeback of in-game mega evolutions, in which players can evolve their Pokémon to have a higher combat power. Mega Evolutions were first introduced in “Pokémon X and Y,” and haven’t made a return to the main franchise or in the latest Nintendo Switch games. 

According to the trailer, the game’s setting has been revamped and remastered, giving the Kalos region a futuristic look. Viewers also get insight into the potential legendary Pokémon for the game, Zygrade. 

“‘Pokémon X and Y’ have been out for a decade now and it's nice we’re finally getting a ‘Pokémon Z.’  I just wonder if [The Pokémon Company] will go with different power styles from the previous ‘Legends’ game or if they’ll make it a standalone series with a different mechanic for every new game,” said Bucks County Community College sophomore environmental science major Sean Dondero.

Currently, Nintendo has not teased fans with the storyline, but many believe it will conclude where “X and Y'' left off. In addition, fans are excited to see a fresh look at Lumiose City and the Kalos region as well as a sequel to “Pokémon Legends: Arecus.”


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