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Monday April 15th

Disney on Ice makes an exciting stop in Trenton

<p><em>Rapunzel and Flynn doing a stunt (Photo by Erica Remboske / Correspondent). </em></p>

Rapunzel and Flynn doing a stunt (Photo by Erica Remboske / Correspondent).

By Erica Remboske

“Disney on Ice: Into the Magic” stopped in Trenton at the Cure Arena on March 22. They had many characters skating, such as Mickey Mouse & Friends, Elsa and Anna, Moana, Rapunzel and more. 

Disney on Ice was in Trenton for a total of four days, having at least two shows per day. Each time they tour, they have different shows coming to each city, such as “Disney on Ice: Find Your Hero” in Louisville, Kentucky in April. 

According to Disney on Ice’s website, they have “performed for more than 320 million guests throughout 68 countries in more than 545 cities and 40 languages since the first show opened in 1981.” 

Disney on Ice always has incredible mini-stories and definitely had some jaw-dropping moments at their Trenton stop.  

The show started at 7 p.m. with Goofy coming out with some other cast skaters and they had a “warm-up” party. Then Mickey Mouse & Friends came out skating around for a few minutes before the main acts came on. 

After the warmup, Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” had her story up first. It started off with the Beast and Lumière proclaiming that the Beast could not fall in love with Belle because Belle could never love him back. The cast members then performed “Be Our Guest.” At the end of the story, Belle falls in love with the Beast and he turns into a prince.

After Belle’s story ended, it was Miguel from “Coco” and his story. His story involved the song “Un Poco Loco” which had other cast members dressed up as other sugar skulls. He skated around for a few minutes and showed off his skills by doing some backflips in the skating. 

Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and of course, Maximus, had a really great show. Their story was portrayed incredibly well as it started off with Rapunzel in her tower and Rider coming up to escape those who were going after him for stealing a tiara.

During Rapunzel and Rider’s story, they used a piece of fabric that lifted them 15 to 20 feet up off the floor and flew around on it. The fabric was a representation of her long hair. The show also included the floating light, also known as the floating lanterns, where they realized they were in love.

The show went on with the story of Cinderella and her prince as she was dancing with him during the ball and lost her slipper. She tries to slip on the glass slipper, which fits, and they end up falling in love. They skated through the song “Dare to Dream.” 

The story of  “Frozen” was after Cinderella, which included characters Olaf, Kristoff, Hans and the beloved sisters Anna and Elsa. The cast sang “Let it Go.” 

After the story of “Frozen,” the story of “Moana” was next. It showed the story of Moana meeting Maui. The characters sang “I am Moana” and Tamatoa sang “Shiny.” 

Each story from the show lasted for about 15 to 20 minutes, but they felt much longer. Each performance drew the audience in with all of the stunts and the amazing storytelling.


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