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Monday May 20th

Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market hosts a spring pop-up

<p><em>The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market featured over 450 vendors and celebrity guests (Photo by Olivia Harrison).</em></p>

The Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market featured over 450 vendors and celebrity guests (Photo by Olivia Harrison).

By Olivia Harrison
Staff Writer

Trenton hosted the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market, which is held several times a year, on April 7. The market features over 450 small businesses, artists and vendors across the United States. This month, the market was affectionately dubbed “Spring Fling.” Guests were offered a unique, community-like shopping experience and a safe space to show their creativity. 

Whether you were looking for something specific or nothing, the market had something for everyone. Booths varied from selling handmade jewelry and vintage clothing to more uncanny items such as leather collars and vintage medical tools. Each artist and vendor brought their creative flare. Some memorable booths included Black Alligator Curiosity, which sold antique jewelry, gothic relics and taxidermied squirrels. Based in the Collectors Bazaar of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, the booth prides itself on being a “mecca of marvelous miscellany,” allowing shoppers to glimpse the more unconventional side of antiques. 

Another popular booth was former U.S. Marine-turned-author William J. Lewis, a registered historian in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. His most famous book, “Adventure with Piney Joe: Exploring the New Jersey Pine Barrens,” offers an easy-to-follow guide of the Pine Barrens and 30 driveable parks within the Pine Barrens National Forest you can visit. 

“This book is good for everyone because it’s different than a normal guide. Instead, readers are introduced to Piney Joe, a character I created that allows everyone of all ages to enjoy. I always recommend putting it in your car; that way, you can have a spontaneous adventure,” said Lewis in an interview.

Other booths included queer and trans artist Chris Scarlett, who specializes in jewelry, charms and handmade prints. Made entirely of resin, the jewelry featured dead beetles, moths and scorpions inside, still in the same shape as when they were found. Scarlett noted that the creatures were ethically found and sourced. The prints featured handmade drawings with motivational quotes,  LGBTQ+ advocacy and original characters in fantastical settings. 

“I try to focus my art on advocating for self-expression and also my experience being queer. I’m very inspired by fantasy elements such as Dungeons and Dragons and ‘Lord of the Rings,’” said Scarlett. “I also take into account perception and how individuals view the world through my art as well,” said Scarlett at their booth. 

In addition, this year, “Spring Fling” featured celebrity guests Jean Beauvier, Richie Stotts from punk rock band Plasmatics and actress Michelle Santiago. Guests were also treated to live performances from circus clowns and a photo op with a performer dubbed “The Crummy Easter Bunny.” 

The flea market showed off the talents of many vendors while giving the community a great opportunity to support local artists and small businesses. Although the flea market has not announced its next pop-up, the Trenton community is more than ready to host again.


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