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Sunday May 26th

Chiara Piacentini

The College’s Choirs and Vintage Feedback came together to give us a taste of some of the classic rock hits that defined the 60s up to the early 90s (Photo by Isabella Darcy / Arts & Entertainment Editor).

TCNJ Choirs break conventions with TCNJ Rocks On! 2.0

The Kendall Hall stage was fully occupied on April 20 by both a choir and rock band, which graced the platform with a smattering of smoke to mimic the atmosphere of a rock concert. The College’s Choirs collaborated with classic rock band Vintage Feedback and 11 other student instrumental performers in its performance of TCNJ Rocks On! 2.0.

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AI has been making waves in the entertainment industry and humans are starting to fight back  (Photo courtesy of Dyonix / October 19, 2023).

Celebrities are pushing back against AI in the entertainment industry

While artificial intelligence has made significant strides in the entertainment industry, some celebrities are concerned that these advancements could be taken too far. A petition to protect artist rights that was sent to AI developers was published by the Artist Rights Alliance on April 1 with the signatures of over 200 celebrities. Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry were among the petitioners. 

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Beyoncé is in her country era (Photo courtesy of Apple Music ).

Beyoncé takes a deep dive into the country genre in new album

Beyoncé has gone country for the first time in her career with her newly released album, “Cowboy Carter.” The 27-track record, which came out on March 29, talks about country values with each song a reconception of a Western film. “Killers of the Flower Moon” and “Space Cowboys” are just a couple of the western movies that Beyoncé drew inspiration from. 

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