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Sunday March 3rd

Elliott Nguyen

The School of Education was put in a difficult position when the pandemic disrupted vital student teaching programs (Stephanie Shen / Photo Editor). 

Practicancelled part 2 - The College’s perspective

At every open-house, on every tour, universities make a promise to students that they will be taken care of, and that they will be put on the path to success. It is an important promise both to make and to keep, because the university decision is a loaded one. Much consideration goes into it, and many consequences — for better or for worse — come of it. For the College, it is no different. It ranks highly in the North region — it was named the top public school in the North region and the seventh best in undergraduate teaching. It has upheld this reputation by providing quality education and, specifically for students in the School of Education, getting them into classrooms early. When the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world and shut down schools, the difficult question of how the College would fulfill its promise to its students fell upon the administration to answer.

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The ROSCOE Educators program aims to assist first-generation students with their transition to life at the College (Instagram / @tcnjschoolofeducation). 

School of Education professor spearheads mentorship program

What really makes a first-generation college student? Is it just a matter of whether someone in your family has gone to college before you? What if they attended, but did not graduate? These are the questions that Dr. Nadya Pancsofar, an early childhood special education professor and undergraduate coordinator at the College, has been attempting to answer as part of her “ROSCOE Educators” program, which began in January. A mentorship program, it pairs student mentors with younger first-generation students who need help navigating their college experience. The mentors themselves are first-generation students — in hopes that they might better understand how to help student participants.

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(Stephanie Shen, Photo Editor / TCNJ Signal)

Practicancelled part one — the student perspective

 For nearly two years, classrooms in schools across the country have looked starkly different. Now, students are returning to classrooms that sat empty in exchange for their virtual counterparts. And while normalcy seems to be returning, the impact of this departure from the classroom is still felt, and not just by the children. 

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