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Tuesday February 7th

Jack Deegan

(Photo courtesy of Netflix)

‘Glass Onion’ unravels another brilliant Knives Out mystery

The original “Knives Out” movie is one of my favorite films ever, so when it was announced that director Rian Johnson would be back for a sequel on Netflix, I was over the moon. I was even more excited to learn that “Glass Onion” would be in theaters this week only for an early screening before it premieres on Netflix on Dec. 23. My expectations were high since this was a follow-up to a movie near and dear to my heart and Johnson is one of my favorite directors. Thankfully, those expectations were somehow exceeded as this film still blew me away.

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Ewing Green Team presents $990 donation to HomeFront after the fifth annual Ewing Fall Spin (Photo courtesy of the Sustainable Ewing Green Team). 

The Ewing Green Team is working to keep the city clean

With a population of almost 40 thousand people, Ewing Township, N.J. is a very large town with a lot going on in it. With so many people, waste is inevitable. To combat this, the town has a group of volunteers who are doing what they can to help make the town a more eco-friendly place and reduce waste. Not many people are aware of them, but the Ewing Green Team has been very active in Ewing with their efforts.

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(Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

‘The King’s Man’ is a disappointing prequel that fails to save the franchise

The Kingsman franchise has not been doing too well recently. After the critical and commercial success of “Kingsmen: The Secret Service,” it seemed like this was going to be an exciting new franchise to watch out for. Then, with the overall disappointment of its sequel “Kingsmen: The Golden Circle,” people started to turn on the franchise. Now, director Matthew Vaughn looks to try a different approach with the newest film in the franchise — a prequel origin story for the organization, which hit theaters in December and was released on HBO Max and Hulu on Feb. 18.

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(Photo courtesy of 20th Century Studios & Hulu)

‘Deep Water’ is a movie drowning in its shallow story

Believe it or not, “Deep Water” has actually been in development for close to a decade, with director Adrian Lyne signing on in 2013. It wasn’t until 2019 when things really started to get in motion, but unfortunately everything became sidelined due to the pandemic. The film would go on to be delayed three separate times, before finally releasing on March 18 of this year.

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