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Monday May 20th

Joshua Hudes

Jake Gyllenhaal commits so much of his own power to the intricate fight choreography yet, in the end, is powerless to save this film’s indecisive tonal mixture (Photo courtesy of IMDb).

‘Road House’ is sleek yet tonally undecided

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dalton is the character to which a nebulous conflict of self-destruction, anxiety and focused determination belongs in this reinterpretation of the cult classic from 1989. Released almost exclusively on Prime Video on March 21, “Road House” was directed by Doug Liman and tells a similarly themed yet excessively self-conscious form of that narrative.

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The inventiveness and artistic bravery put on display here, by an outstanding creative team like that of Shakespeare 70, is in service of an invigorating chamber piece reckoning with a fictional American town’s hidden past. (Photo courtesy of Shakespeare 70)

‘The Minutes’ fly by in this knockout production of historical proportions

A play which succeeds in provoking an audience the way “The Minutes” did could only have been written by the great American playwright Tracy Letts. Having started its run here at the College on March 20 and closing shop on March 24, audiences for five evenings straight were given an exuberant and well-mannered display of confined and claustrophobic acting tour-de-forces. 

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