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Tuesday February 27th

Mike Sherr

A grassy coastal marsh at the Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Ocean County (Photo courtesy of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service / "Wilderness area Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge.")

NJ is full of native edible plants just waiting to be foraged!

New Jersey has a bad reputation as a grimy, polluted state that is home to miles of cities and industrial parks. When people from other states think of New Jersey they may think of twisted versions of Seaside Heights, Jersey City or Atlantic City. In reality, the state could not be any different.  The Garden State is full of rich natural beauty from the forested highlands of Jefferson Township to the marshy dune ecosystems of Cape May. The ecological diversity of the state is severely underappreciated in American culture. 

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As my time ends at The Signal, I look back at the work I have done with rose tinted glasses, but in reality this change is needed in my life (Photo courtesy of Skylar Stewart / Graphic Designer).

Letter from the Editor: A bittersweet goodbye

I am not entirely sure how I came to lead this paper. Unlike many of the people I work with, I am not a journalism major nor have I ever taken a journalism class (and it shows sometimes). I never saw journalism as a career path for me and I still don’t; the only reason I joined The Signal was so that I had something to do during my fully online, first semester in 2020. Because of that random decision freshman year, I have been lucky enough to somehow fall upward into this leadership position that has forever changed my life. I have personally grown into someone my freshman self could never recognize. Not only have I found the confidence to be in such a leadership position, but I found my voice to speak up for what is right.

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(Photo courtesy of Shane Gillespie / Photo Editor)

Breaking down TCNJ’s finances ahead of new Bernstein announcements

Following his semester-long “listening tour,” Interim President Bernstein will soon announce new initiatives designed to ensure the College’s long-term financial sustainability. Ahead of these announcements, Interim Treasurer Richard Schweigert and Interim Associate Vice President Mark Mehler sat down for an interview with The Signal to break down the College’s finances, including its budget, debt, state funding, tuition, and room and board. 

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(Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Gladstone / Multimedia Coordinator).

OPINION: The College is embarrassingly behind on environmental education

The society of the future is clearly green. Climate change is ravaging the globe and there needs to be vital changes. Colleges and universities throughout the world recognize this and have for decades aimed to educate students to work in environmental fields. While the College does have programs and classes dedicated to environmental topics, they miss a larger specialized educational opportunity.

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Bears have to eat from 80 to 90 pounds of food every day in the summer and fall in order to prepare for winter hibernation. They may lose up to one-third of that weight before waking up in the spring. (Photo courtesy of the National Park Service/“Bears at Falls in July.” January 18, 2018).

Grazer wins annual Fat Bear Week in Katmai National Park

Every year, the Alaskan Brown Bears of Katmai National Park hunt salmon and forage to prepare for the long harsh winter months. As nature takes its course and the summer months end, millions of onlookers vote on the weight gaining transformations that a handful of bears experience.  Bear 128, Grazer, won on Sept. 10 with a lead of over 80,000 votes against Bear 32, or Chuck, after beating three other bears. 

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