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Wednesday September 27th

Thomas Kenny

Even though Travers and Wolfe are set to close by 2024, they still hold lots of memories for the College community (Alessia Contuzzi / The Signal). 

OPINION: The renovation of Travers and Wolfe is necessary yet bittersweet

In late February, the College community was told that both Travers and Wolfe Residence Halls were going to be closing permanently by 2024 with new village-style housing as possible replacements, via an email by President Foster. The two first-year student dorms have become symbolic across campus, as they have been a place of residence for incoming freshmen at the College for 51 years. Unfortunately, occupancy levels for both Towers will decrease beginning next year as the College implements improvements to the residential experience. The Towers closing may bring disappointment, but the College can justly replace them to improve our campus, hopefully without losing the sentimental value they hold. 

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