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Sunday November 28th

Who is Jesus?

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WWJD: Who in the World is Jesus, Dude?
During this week, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is sponsoring some events that are part of "Jesus Awareness Week" (JAWS). I don't know where the "s" fits in, but you can figure that out for yourself.
So who is Jesus Christ and why does he come up so often in our lives? Aren't you sick of hearing about him? Why do we need an "Awareness Week?" for him? Well, Christians say one of the best ways to know Christ is through the Bible, but televangelists, most preachers, or Republicans use it in a really annoying or destructful way. Does the Bible exist for us to prove we are right and to point fingers at homosexuals, Democrats, and pro-choicers? Is it medication for us to feel better about ourselves or is it a self-help book to teach us how to live a "purpose driven life" so we can make the best out of life and say we did things right? All of that sounds like garbage to me. The Bible is beautiful because everything in it points to the name of Jesus Christ, why he came and what he did by giving us grace. Please read it and look for Christ in every verse, not for yourself or for a chance to put others down.
Yes, you can argue about the accuracy of the Bible, or if some old men wrote it versus God put in there what he wanted, but unless you believe that Christ is alive today and that you are able to know him, then all the doctrine in the world doesn't mean a thing. I know this takes faith, but what's the use of worshipping someone dead? Why would you want relationship with someone dead? That's sick, dude, and it's called being a necrophiliac.
This is who Jesus is: the one who takes all of your suffering and hurt you carry and makes every day new, and in every new day we are given, we love him and long to know him; he is the reason to get up in the morning and to love the ragamuffins around you as you wander around the world with questions you may never get the answers to. No one is good enough to save themselves, especially Christians. We're ragamuffins saved by grace, not by following the rules. Cling to Christ and your life will never be the same. Any church worth going to is one that worships Christ, and love for him is symbolized by communion in Protestant churches and the Eucharist in the Catholic church. All churches should have this in common: a love for Christ.
I am not trying to sell something like preachers do often; I am just putting out there my voice and expressing a view not often heard. I don't follow Christ because I'm "right" if I do, cause I don't really know how to do anything right, just ask my parents or any girl I've dated. I follow Christ because I love him, but only since he loved me first. He was a human being like you or me, but he lived the life we were meant to (by glorifying God) but never could. Jews did not murder him neither the Romans; but instead, he chose to give his life for the sake of us ragamuffins.
This editorial is an expression of my beliefs, but what is more important is how beliefs are lived out. Loving Christ is more livable than any other option I've heard of. There have been people who have loved Christ hundreds of years before you lived, and they still will love him hundreds of years after you're dead and turned to dust. He must be worth knowing.

-Andrew Justin Croft, ragamuffin


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