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Sunday December 5th

Sodexho/ sexual harassment

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As a student of TCNJ and as an employee of Sodexho, I believe that it is crucial for the faculty, staff, and student body of this college to know exactly who it is that feeds us. We all have our own personal quarrel with Sodexho, whether it be concerned with price, quality, or, laughingly, even giving us the time of day. We all remember past articles published in the Signal focused on the unfair treatment of Sodexho employees and inattention to student concern. Yes, we all have our Sodexho rant. And this is mine...

Earlier this semester, a Sodexho manager persisted on physically touching me in inappropriate areas and verbally coming on to me, so much so that I didn't even feel comfortable coming to work. Even though the Sodexho management knew about the behavior of this man, they took no action for their own political reasons. Weeks went by, and I endured the harassment while at work, as well as when eating in Eickhoff Hall. Finally, when the situation became as such as it would threaten Sodexho's reputation, then and only then did they decide to take action. The result of one meeting prompted the decision to relocate this man to another Sodexho account, without anything close to a reprimand for what he had done. He was in no way held accountable for his actions, suffering only a slap on the wrist. Shocked by this, it made me wonder what exactly are the ethics that Sodexho stands by? No investigation, even though I had a witness, ensued, enabling this man able to conduct himself in the same manner at another college or university. This lack of concern for myself, a Sodexho employee and student of this college, made me feel marginalized and unimportant. Just because I am a student, do I not deserve to be taken seriously? Is the responsible solution to relocate a man who is accussed of a crime? If so, what Sodexho managers have been moved onto this campus, and what were their crimes?

Many other students and employees have reported issues of sexual harassment and inapporopriate behavior on behalf of the Sodexho staff. However, nothing is ever done to address and/or professionally resolve these problems. Why is Sodexho ignoring us? Can we all be quieted by a few quick decisions that save Sodexho's credibility, yet leaves us all feeling abused? I feel that as a responsible member of this college community, it is essential to make the College aware of these practices. How many of us have experienced situations similar to this, yet have never spoken up?

Many of us do not realize that Sodexho is coming up on a contract year, meaning it is time for the College to decide if Sodexho stays or goes. We, as a student body and caring staff need to voice our opinions about this abomination of a company. Please, speak up.


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