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Sunday November 28th

Make a right turn this year

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Welcome back fellow students. I am sure that you all have been suffering from withdrawal symptoms without having my articles to read each week, but never fear! Once again, due to popular demand, I have returned to wreak havoc upon supporters of liberalism.

For those of you who are now saying to themselves, "Didn't that Esposito guy graduate?" or, "Oh no not him again! The pain, the horror!" take a few deep breaths and continue reading. New freshmen, congratulations on getting accepted to this fine institution and I wish you the best.

I think it would be good to review some of the many interesting events of the summer to get us all up to speed.

The retirement of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor has sent the media, politicians and special interest groups on the right and left into a maelstrom. The so-called "swing vote" moderate justice surprised everyone in the media who expected the ailing Chief Justice Rehnquist to resign.

This opened a great deal of speculation as to who the President's nominee would be and what his or her stances would be. Baffling liberals once more, President Bush did exactly what he promised to do and nominated a strict constructionalist justice who would not legislate from the bench. John Roberts, by all accounts, believes that the Constitution should be interpreted as its framers intended.

An out-of-control Supreme Court has radically changed this country by mandating abortion on demand in all states, giving the federal government rights which it is clearly not entitled to and discovering that the Constitution does in fact support some types of racial preferences (i.e. affirmative action) and sodomy as fundamental rights.

The out of touch liberal cabal of unelected justices should be interpreting law, not making it and pushing their radical social agenda on the rest of the country.

Despite his near impeccable judicial resume and the subsequent lack of any major issues Democrats could use as a wedge, Roberts remains under assault by liberal fringe groups who assail him with every derogatory slur in the book. NARAL, a pro-choice (for the death of unborn babies in the name of feminist liberation) group, even accused Roberts of supporting abortion clinic bombers.

Their ridiculous ad which played on many major media outlets was found out to be a complete falsehood by the non-partisan and NARAL reluctantly pulled the advertisement stating condescendingly that the American public did not understand it properly.

Speaking of radical liberals, Cindy Sheehan, the grieving mother of a slain soldier, has been all over the news as she has set up camp outside of the president's ranch in Texas, waiting and hoping for him to come and speak to her. You many think that this mom is simply looking for an answer to why her son was killed in the war, but you'd be wrong. Since the president met with her in 2004 (oh yes Cindy, remember that?) she had many nice things to say about him. Now she has changed her tune stating illogical, hate-filled and/or outright unfactual rhetoric that pervades the anti-war movement.

She makes it obvious that she has become a mouthpiece for groups like While I mourn her loss, I believe she is quite mistaken about her world view and I do not blame the president for not meeting with her.

For every parent of a soldier on her side of the fence there are dozens who support the president, the war and their sons' and daughters' decisions to serve this country in the 100 percent all volunteer army.

The final issue of the summer I would like to speak about is the sudden declarations of states of emergencies in two of our southern states over the issue of illegal immigration.

Janet Napolitano and Bill Richardson, governors of Arizona and New Mexico respectively, called for extra federal resources to be allocated to their states to prevent the influx of illegal immigrants, drugs and the escalation of criminal activities.

At first, I could not have agreed more with the governors' intentions to curb the lawless region which has become our border due to intentional neglect by both state and federal authorities. Fearing reprisals from the politically correct (otherwise known as liberals and their allies in the press) and Hispanic voters, the government has been slow to move on this problem.

On the other hand I remain skeptical of the governors' dedication to protecting the border. Both Democratic governors have been very rewarding to lawbreakers. Gov. Richardson even supports giving illegals driver's licenses.

Also, both politicians are up for election soon and realize that illegal immigration is an issue which neither party has taken a firm stance.

I expect this move is going to mostly be a smoke and mirrors campaign meant to attract support, not arrest illegal immigrants.

With all of the interesting developments this appears to be an entertaining year.


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