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Wednesday December 8th

Campus construction is on schedule, on budget

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Around campus, construction is moving along. Some has been completed recently, like Hausdoerffer and Phelps Halls.

According to Matthew Golden, executive director of Public Relations and Communication, the schedule called for occupancy this fall and the cost was under budget.

The new Art and Interactive Multimedia Building is currently being built in Lot 4, and, according to Golden, is on budget and on schedule for occupation during the winter.

The Eickhoff Hall renovation’s first phase was completed over the past summer, as was the renovation of “T-Dubbs.”

The Eickhoff renovation is on budget and on schedule, according to Golden.

The Decker Hall renovations are on schedule, and the budget has been reduced due to good bids and progress, Golden said.

According to Golden, the West Library renovation is also on budget and on schedule.

Designs for the renovation of the outside of Green Hall are also in works, Golden said.

William Rudeau, director of construction, and Curt Heuring, vice president for facilities management, construction and campus safety, refused to comment except through Golden.


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