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Sunday November 28th

Eickhoff Hall renovations move to Phase II

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Eickhoff Hall phase II renovations for the dining area are scheduled for completion in August according to the College’s construction website. Above, a student looks at plans for the future of the dining area that were posted near the tray drop-off area last week. According to the plans, renovations will introduce new areas for new and standard Eickhoff favorites. The new areas include: Bliss Bakery with a selection of baked goods and an opportunity to “watch bakers in action,” Quimby’s kitchen for traditional meals such as turkey cutlet, Ceva Pizza and Pasta with made-to-order vegetarian selections, C-street Grill for hamburgers and fries, My Zone with a selection for students with specific allergies, 91.3 Wok with fresh vegetables and Roscoe’s Tacos for “Mexican-themed” meals such as tacos, burritos and quesadillas.


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