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Sunday November 28th

What does Occupy Wall Street change?

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By Richard Schultz

The recent protests across the United States are hopeful signs of something that has appeared, until now, to have been eliminated in the United States. A physical but peaceful example of frustration, covered by most major media institutions. The reason for frustration stems from the income disparity and the evaporation of the middle class. Folks from all demographics, cultures, and social standings have banded together to take to the streets.

This is positive action; however there is a complaint that should be heard. But, these protests, which were sparked by those educated and uneducated, are clearly due to an inability to find jobs that suit the lifestyles they wish to live.
The issue is, where were these protests when the majority of these people had jobs? They complain that the upper 1 percent has had more wealth then the other 99 percent — a truthful statement, but this has been true for a long time. The breaking point is occurring due to inaction when conditions began to allow for this and that is cause for desperation.

That desperation is a lack of a jobs and therefore inability for folks to provide for themselves or their families. When protests arise out of this desperation or anger they are not always peaceful, though this not making any judgment of the current protests as they remain relatively peaceful.

However it would be wise to not allow these issues to occur. It is dangerous of a nation to allow things to reach the level of desperation where these protests occur. It is much easier to have an economy recess then to expand and grow, so it is important to avoid prolonged protesting. Here is where things need to change. We have a chance in our generation to reverse the mistakes of the people before us. They allowed things to swing from left to right by always giving in to personal greed and selfishness.

The pendulum swinging from left to right is reason for revolution the world over.

Our generation has to attempt to be the pioneers to curb this and create the world you and your neighbor can live comfortably in. In this situation, protests such as Occupy Wall Street need not to happen. Capitalism is all well and good, but we cannot allow it to run away at the expense of others because that is at its core. Disregarding the lives of our brothers and sisters of the world for oneself is an act harder to live with then helping them.

I propose we create a world where we can live comfortably together and leave behind the one where CEOs make 262 times their workers’ paychecks.
This new world can be a happier place, where the CEOs and super-elite will be filled by our generation, who hold the power to destroy their greedy weaknesses. Unlike the past, where the goal was a dollar sign, we can instead create an intangible asset for humanity as a whole, happiness.

Each and every one of us has the power to make the place of our career choice a better place. It may take more effort, but if you make the right choices every day, when you arrive at your last one, you will not look back and feel guilt for how you lived your life because we are all in it together.


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