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Sunday November 28th

A farewell to arms debate: gun control fails unfairly

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By Tom Kozlowski
Opinions Editor

If you’ve forgotten that a gun control debate was raging across the American polity, then it’s because its conclusions have been so shamefully disappointing. Only two examples need illustrate the point: the recent Manchin-Toomey background checks bill and Rep. Steve Stockman (R-TX), defender of gun rights for newborn babies.

Both are ridiculous, but hold your anticipation for Mr. Stockman. As a culmination of five months’ debate and study, only one diminutive bill has made any progress whatsoever, and its lifespan is limited. “The Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act.” Scoff at its name. It appeals to our gun touting duck hunters and our basic desire for security too, what’s not for Congress to love? Namely, the content. The bill, sponsored by Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-WV) and Sen. Pat Tommey (R-PA), would allow for extended background checks on gun shows and online sales, but nothing more. And as for any future progress we’ll make in Congress on the issue, nothing more.

Anyone actually concerned with America’s gun obsession refuses to stand up for stricter measures — magazine reductions, national uniformity in legal enforcement — all have been thrown off the table. For, election season is on the horizon and Democrats in conservative states fear for their necks. How red they’ve become.

Public polls show that Americans are in favor of increased gun control measures, but whatever those might be, we can’t find them. Even the most basic of compromises on background checks can’t get support from liberals. That’s because the appeals of Democrats and some moderate Republicans have been squelched by the gun lobby, career climbing and a clear lack of sensibility.

Now we close with Mr. Stockman and champion of logic. Last week, he tweeted his new campaign slogan plastered on bumper stickers that are sure to slow down Texas mental traffic. Please enjoy its brilliance below.


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