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Sunday November 28th

Campus Style

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By Jordan Koziol


The only thing more memorable than Cruella De Vil’s evil role in the Disney classic is her effortless mastery of a classic combination: black and white.

Ever wonder why old pictures of your grandparents look so glamorous? It’s because something magical happens when these two shades are paired together. When crisp white meets edgy black, the result is a chic and bold style that has Audrey Hepburn cheering in her grave and applauding Spring 2013 for its widespread publicity.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of this trending style is that you can truly make it your own. Since the color palette is simple by nature, you have free range to either keep the look basic or experiment with more striking combinations. For inspiration, consider the following looks borrowed straight from Paris Fashion Week SS ’13:

Mod: Channeling glamorous icons of the ’60s, try an elongated silhouette or cropped jacket that dons a black and white checkered pattern. Extending the trend to accessories, bask in the decade’s oversized sunglasses and small box bags.

Texture: To avoid Michael Kors prophecy, “I always say, white on the top and black on the bottom leaves you looking like a waiter,” add texture to each piece of your ensemble. Combine black leather with white chiffon for an outfit that tells a different story with each piece.

Domination: To avoid looking like a complicated puzzle, let either black or white be the dominant color and use the latter for minimal accentuation. Try this look by pairing liquid black leggings and a sleeveless black and white striped turtleneck.

Pop of Color: For those who have reservations about a monochrome combination, adorn your lips or wrists with a burst of color. Wear wine-red lipstick or carry a mustard colored clutch to break up the two-toned aspect.

No matter how you do it, this ensemble creates a chic and iconic look that has been gracing the streets since well before Big and Carrie broke up (the first time). So this spring, celebrate contrasting forces by making black and white the yin to your outfit’s yang.


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