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Sunday November 28th

CUB allocated funds for upcoming lecture

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The College Union Board made its mark in this week’s Student Finance Board meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 4, presenting four special appropriation requests in hopes of receiving funding.

Heated discussion hit SFB during conversation of CUB’s request for funding of “TCNJ Glow,” a version of “Life in Color: Day Glow” for the College.

“I’m concerned about the risk,” student government representative Tom Verga said. “With this event, we’re putting students at risk.”

Several members of SFB were concerned about the details of this event as the word “rave” is often associated with alcohol and drugs. However, a motion to zero-fund passed by a vote of 7-6.

“I’m not ready to fund it,” sophomore representative Tom Athan said. “But I think it has a whole lot of potential.”

The event was tabled indefinitely by SFB, giving CUB the opportunity to come back with a better proposal.

However, with a split vote, CUB allocated funding for $28,648 to go toward their annual fall lecture with the options of Josh Radnor, Zach Braff and Kenan Thompson. The motion passed despite certain members agreeing with senior representative Sam Hoffer who felt that “this is an absurd amount of money.”

But that wasn’t all for the club on campus. Presenting for “A Night of Comedy With The Lampshades and Mixed Signals,” CUB allocated funding for $7,648.

“This really irks me because we already gave them money for a comedy show in the fall and they have one in the spring,” Hoffer said.

However, senior representative Liz Kamel felt that “they have great people coming and it’s a night of good, clean fun.”

The only unanimous vote of the day went to CUB’s event of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” featuring TMT.


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