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Sunday December 5th

Student government searches for new VP

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The first Student Government meeting of the fall semester kicked off with a “Welcome Back” to the general body from SG president Tyler Liberty and updates to the Brower Student Center renovation project.

“The planning for that is going to be happening,” Liberty said. “I believe, currently, the plan that they have in place is that they are going to completely renovate the Student Center itself and put an addition to the west side of the Student Center. For anyone who’s been following that project, that’s the current status.”

SG also announced that the College has begun the search for a new vice president for Student Affairs and a group of candidates are being evaluated.

“Unlike other past searches, I think any of the four that we select could really do a great job in the position,” Liberty said of the candidates.

Tom Verga, vice president of the administration and finance committee, announced that this year’s Be Bright campaign is being planned, despite technological set-backs. The campaign aims to raise awareness of energy use on campus by measuring the biggest decrease in power used in each dorm.

Ryan Boyne, SG alternate student trustee, announced the upcoming dates for election interest sessions with SG, which are taking place this week.


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