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Monday December 6th

Student Government initiates new members

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After a competitive campaign period, the new members were welcomed and sworn into Student Government on Wednesday, Sept. 25 at the general body meeting.

Assistant Provost of Academic Affairs Nancy Freudenthal was also recognized for her hard work and congratulated on her retirement, after having worked at the College since 1985. SG President Tyler Liberty presented Freudenthal with a commendation.

“I love this place. It is a wonderful place,” Freudenthal said, accepting her recognition. “I appreciate being thanked.”

Michell Lin, vice president of Student Services, announced events for Blindness Awareness Month in October. “Walk in My Shoes,” “Freedom Scientific Presentation,” “Rocco at the Rat” and the “Going Blind” movie presentation are among some activities the committee has helped organize.

The committee on Equity and Diversity will be pushing back the “Liberty in North Korea” event to next semester, but the first issue of the Diversity University newsletter is expected to run the second week of October.

During a governance report, it was announced that the College is considering switching to an online course feedback form at the end of each semester instead of the paper forms.

The legality of recording class lectures was also discussed, as well as appeals process for students who are displeased with the grades they received at the end of the semester.

Senior Annie Montero was named the new student advocate. In this role, she will help students with Student Conduct Code issues.

“The process can be kind of hard to navigate on your own,” Montero said. “You can come to me and I would help you understand every part of the process.”


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