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Monday December 6th

SFB funds CUB in hopes for Fall Out Boy

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The College Union Board is underway in its planning of the annual spring concert after being allocated $185,576 by the Student Finance Board to try and bring headliner Fall Out Boy and opener Hoodie Allen.

Other headliner options for CUB include Paramore, Kendrick Lamar and Childish Gambino.

“I’m happy with the potential to reach two different audiences,” programming director Brian Green said in regard to CUB’s plan to have a rock headliner paired with a rap opener or vice versa.

The second high-volume request from CUB came with its presentation for the spring comedy show. SFB allocated CUB with $50,890 to try to bring cast members from “Workaholics.” Other options include Nick Offerman from “Parks and Recreation,” Bill Hader from “Saturday Night Live” and stand-up comedian Ralphie May.

Both requests were passed with little dissent from members. However, CUB’s request for another spring lecture, in place of its canceled fall lecture, met with a very split vote.

Several members displayed concern with the amount of money CUB has been funded this semester and were concerned that both of CUB’s spring lectures will be too close together.

However, the event was fully funded as SFB allocated $26,190 for CUB to try to bring its first choice of Kal Penn with back-ups of Bill Nye the science guy, Mitch Hurwitz and Mark Boal.

CUB’s final presentation met SFB with such a split decision that one of the several motions met with a tie.

As CUB presented to bring George Watsky for a workshop and a spoken-word performance, about half of SFB felt that this was too similar to several events that have already been held this semester, while senior representative Liz Kamel and Student Government representative Tom Verga noted that this special appropriation money could be better used elsewhere for other clubs on campus.

SFB ultimately tabled the event indefinitely as they could not come to a definite decision, with members thinking the event is great, but ultimately unnecessary.

SFB also allocated the Black Student Union with $6,025 to host Black History Month in February. The money will be used to fund events during the month including a Welfare Poets workshop, Wula African dance and drum ensemble, Lea-Civil Rights Movement concert, movie rights for “The Butler” and “Get on the Bus” and the raising of the African-American flag.

The ISA also presented to SFB for its annual coffeehouse and was allocated $500 despite requesting $1,080 for Mexican food to go along with the event.

Members were conflicted on whether to fund the food until junior representative Gordon Sayre explained that the SFB manual dictates that they shouldn’t fund food if it’s unnecessary and goes against the feel of the event.

The Gospel United Ministries was also funded by SFB as they were allocated $856 to fund their event, “Winter Nights/ City Lights.” The event will feature a live band playing tradional jazz and Afro-Caribbean music.


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