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Monday December 6th

Mischief from the window to Wolfe Hall

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On Wednesday, Dec. 4, a student reported his Jansport backpack missing from the basement of the Music Building, according to Campus Police. The student left his backpack in a swipe-in only locker room across from the primary rehearsal room, but after a group of students held the door open for others, the backpack disappeared. Police said the property, which included an Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Stellar cellphone and wallet, was valued at $236.

Two males were reported to be “visibly intoxicated” and eminating the odor of booze as they entered Wolfe Hall, according to Campus Police. The two were spotted by security on Saturday, Dec. 7, at 1 a.m. Upon inspection, the suspects had trouble both standing and walking, and they denied requests for medical assistance.

Cop-Shop-logoOn Saturday, Dec. 7, police were dispatched to the 6th floor of Wolfe Hall on reports of an intoxicated student, according to Campus Police. The student was originally seen vomiting outside the 6th floor lobby elevator, then continued to be violenty ill inside the men’s bathroom. Police discovered a “pool of vomit” on the floor outside, and the suspect readily admitted to consuming some quantity of wine in the time prior to the event. Police say he proceeded to vomit into a plastic bag while sitting in a chair awaiting a ride to police headquarters.

Criminal mischief occurred outside the Sodexo Office Room 43 in Decker Hall when five window screens were physically removed. Police arrived at the scene on Sunday, Dec. 15 at 8:25 p.m. only to find the screens frozen to the snow on the ground, unable to be secured. The office appeared to have no stolen property or physical intrusion, says campus police, but the damage to the windows will cost aproximately $400.

A female student reported a stolen Macbook Air 13” Pro valued at $1,782 on Friday, Dec. 13 at 7:15 a.m. According to campus police, the student entered Eickhoff Hall for breakfast at 7:15 a.m. and went to get food with a potentially unzipped backpack. She proceeded to Physic Room 230 at 7:50 and only discovered the computer to be missing upon returning to her dorm in Travers Hall later that afternoon. Campus Police noted that the girl contacted workers in both locations about the computer but to no avail.


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