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Wednesday September 28th

Funding for tower and zip-line adventure

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After about 45 minutes of debate and discussion, the Student Finance Board allocated $107,348 to CUB, SG and SFB, who hope to bring Funival 2014 to the College. They tabled funding $37,000 for a band and equipment until they receive a list of possible talent for the concert for them to go through.

SFB had trouble concluding whether they had the right to decide if certain attractions should be funded, as CUB is programming, but SFB is co-sponsoring.

“It’s the little things that add up to make the event great,” assistant financial director Kevin Lakritz said. “I trust CUB’s programming. They’re the programming experts.”

SFB2-19As members were in disfavor of funding things, like a $3,000 balloon artist, they ultimately decided to leave programming up to CUB, especially ones that they were personally funding with their contribution of $29,000. SFB held the stipulation that they come back for concert funding with a list of talent, as members agreed with financial director Nick Ruppino who felt that he’s “not really comfortable allocating $37,000 for a concert where we don’t even know what they’re bringing.”

The organizations hope to bring a ferris wheel, drop tower, zero gravity, bumper cars, windjammer, mobile zip-line, laser tag, rock wall and several other activities for the students to partake in. Funival is scheduled to take place on Friday, May 2.

CUB was also funded with $4,550, alongside its co-hosts To Write Love on Her Arms, in hopes of bringing Kevin Breel to campus to talk about his struggles with depression in a truthful and comedic way on Tuesday, April 8, at 8:30 p.m. in Roscoe West 201.

Protestant Bible Fellowship was also among the many presenters to SFB with their event “Jesus is Greater than Religion,” a presentation by YouTube sensation Jefferson Bethke. It was funded by SFB for $5,015. PBF hopes to bring him on Wednesday, March 19, in the Brower Student Center.

On the multicultural side, SFB had several heated discussions on what to fund as a result of the minimal amount of money left in the multicultural budget.

However, the Muslim Student Association was allocated $6,275 to host its event, “Celebrating Women in Islam: Muslim Women Doing Arts” as a part of Islamic Awareness Week. The event will focus on bringing to light the neglected Muslim American Women by holding a week to educate the student body on their accomplishments with a series of lectures throughout the week of Feb. 24.

In addition, the Indian Student Association was allocated $3,598.77 to host “Bollywood Night” on Saturday, March 29, at 8 p.m. The event will showcase the culture of India with tradition Punjabi food and dance performances.

The final multicultural request came from the Black Student Union to host a “Sankofa Ball” as the closing for Black History Month.

SFB agreed to fully fund the club for $1,035 for the event to have catering and decorations. It will be held in the Brower Student Center 202 on Friday, Feb. 28, at 6:30 p.m

BSU was also allocated $1,805 to host its annual fashion show, with the theme “Class is in session.”

SFB was impressed with the presentation, as it was more organized than in previous years.

“I think they’ve made a lot of compromises, and they’ve been very manageable,” sophomore representative Tom Athan said.

It will take place on Friday, April 4, at 7 p.m. in room 202 of the Brower Student Center.

Back on the special appropriations requests, Canterbury received $3,850 in funding to host its “What I Be” project during the week of March 24. The project’s purpose is to unify the campus by creating an environment of acceptance. They will be taking pictures of students holding up papers written with their insecurities throughout the week, which will be posted in the library and around the campus.

SFB unanimously voted to fully fund the event as they agreed with representative at large Parth Patel, who felt that it was “something we haven’t seen before.”

Next up was the TCNJ Swing Dance Club ,who received funding for $3,314.73 to host “Carnvial Swing Dance.” They hope to host the event with the Joshua Fialkoff Quartet on a $1,257.25 dance floor that will be placed in the T/W Main Lounge for the event on Friday, March 28.

Finally, PRISM was funded with $705 to host its annual Queer Wedding. This year, they have added a reception in room 202 of the Brower Student Center. The weddings will take place in the Allen Drawing Room before the reception, on Tuesday, March 4.


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