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Thursday September 29th

New seal for the College

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The College’s website visibly changed over this past weekend with a “mark of distinction,” as the new seal was premiered.

The new seal exemplifies quality education at the College. (

It was approved by the Board of Trustees on Tuesday, Feb. 25.

“The design incorporates significant elements of our Trenton State College shield, which was used from 1958 until the school changed its name to The College of New Jersey in 1996,” said John P. Donohue, vice president for College Advancement, according to an article on the College’s website. “This is appropriate given the fact that TCNJ is the extraordinary institution it is today because of everything — and everyone — that comprises its rich history.”

According to the article, the goals of the design were to highlight the quality of the College’s educational experience as well as pay tribute to its past and “carry it into the future.”


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