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Thursday September 29th

‘Spring Back’ to spring forward with SFB funds

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The sophomore class council is getting ready for the spring season, as they were allocated $7,127.60 to host the annual “Spring Back” event for the classes of 2016 and 2017.

SFB also funds a night of Haitian culture and food. (Courtney Wirths / Photo Editor)

“Spring Back” looks to help freshmen transition into their upcoming sophomore year by having them interact more directly with upperclassmen. This year, the event will include a volleyball tournament, in addition to a three-lane obstacle course, a three-sided EuroBungy, a wrecking ball, a gladiator joust, a mechanical bull and several other activities for the students to enjoy free of charge.

“I really like this because ... as freshmen, we get cooped up in our rooms for so long, and to bring us back outside is really nice,” freshman representative Sarah Speight said.

SFB’s board members agreed with Speight and voted to fund the event, which is scheduled to take place on the T/W lawn on Sunday, April 6.

The next highest requests for funding came from the Asian American Association — however, they were met with concern by the board.

The organization requested $5,820 in funding to host their annual “Mystique of the East” show, featuring several of the College’s performance groups. However, AAA asked for money to go toward buying new costumes and equipment for each group — a request that met the SFB board with disfavor.

“I like the event, and I really like the concept of the event,” Speight said. But, regarding their request to fund materials for other clubs at the College, Speight said that she “(feels) like they’re trying to pull one over on us.”

The board was in complete agreement and unanimously decided to table the event.

AAA also presented for a $4,666 multicultural buffet to be held this semester, despite having the same event last semester.

“Given the balance in our special appropriations fund, I think this would be a terrible allocation,” assistant financial director Kevin Lakritz said.

Soon after, a motion to zero-fund the event was passed.

The Haitian Student Association was also amongst the multicultural groups presenting during the day, requesting $9,103 for their event, “Ambiance.”

The board was in favor of the event, which highlights Haitian and Haitian-American culture through a comedic host, food, a dance company and more.

Within their request, HSA asked for $6,060 to fund a band. The board members, however, felt the request was too expensive, stipulating that they look for an alternative band or look into a DJ as they allocated $3,343 toward the event.

“Ambiance” will be held on Saturday, April 12, at 7:30 p.m., in Room 202 of the Brower Student Center.

In addition, Student Government’s class of 2015 requested $4,016 for the “5th Annual TCNJ’s Got Talent.” However, SFB agreed only to allocate $1,741, suggesting that spending hundreds of dollars in creative publicity would be fiscally irresponsible. Rather, they could find a photographer for cheaper than $300.

The Student Government requests continued with a presentation by the class of 2017, which asked for $1,249 in order to fund a freshman class trip to Colonial Bowling and Laser Tag in Lawrenceville, N.J.

As they requested about $1,050 to cover the costs of the bowling and laser tag games for each student, members of SFB mentioned that they didn’t particularly fund CUB or any other organization for the cost of the events during bus trips — they only fund the bus. As a result, SFB passed the motion to fund only the buses, allocating $200 to the group.

The event will take place on Sunday, March 23, at 4:40 p.m.

The class of 2017 was also allocated $3,013.95 for a freshman class New York City bus trip on Saturday, April 12.

CUB also presented their event “Frozen Sing Along,” which was unanimously funded by SFB. The board allocated $375 to cover the costs of assorted candies, ice cream and other supplies, allowing students to build edible snowmen during the movie screening.

The event will take place on Saturday, April 12, at 8 p.m., in the T/W lounge.

Finally, the Art Students Association was fully funded with $175 for their “Tile-Painting” event on Wednesday, March 19, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., in the Brower Student Center.

The event, which will allow students to get together with a hands-on activity and paint tiles, was unanimously funded by the SFB board.

“ASA always has amazing events,” sophomore representative Tom Athan said. “The only problem is that they run out of supplies because too many want to go.”


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