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Sunday February 5th

Dunkin' Donuts, ABC partner up for ALS

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By Craig Dietel

A group of 85 individuals took to the Sundial Lawn to take part in the charitable, social media phenomenon known as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, hosted by the College’s Alternative Break Club and co-sponsored by Dunkin’ Donuts, on Friday, Sept. 12. Students from all different organizations came together to help raise awareness for ALS. Even some employees from the Dunkin’ Donuts located on Pennington Road partook in the event to show their support.

Three lines of participants stood waiting for the signal to pour individual buckets of ice water on their heads. ABC planned it so that there would be a domino effect, wherein each individual would pour the ice bucket on their head, one after another.

ABC member and sophomore special education major Jenn Pagliaro was pleased with the turnout.

“Everyone seemed really excited, and you can’t ask for much more than people willing to come out to do something they don’t have to do,” Pagliaro said.

Once all of the bucket-pouring had finished, the entire group got together for a photo to commemorate the event. Since ABC was able to partner with Dunkin’ Donuts, the franchise brought banners and a company van to the event to show their support.

Dunkin had also agreed to donate a portion of the money to both the ALS foundation and toward future ABC trips for each person that showed up ready and willing to take on the challenge — all the more reason for people to participate.

As summer concluded and the school year began again, it seemed as if the Ice Bucket Challenge had faded into a fad of the past. Nevertheless, ABC successfully returned the challenge to the campus spotlight, with the College’s student body once again donating time and effort to a national cause.


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