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Friday March 24th

Civil engineering club is recognized by SG

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By Alyssa Sanford
Staff Writer

The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) club was introduced and officially recognized before the Student Government general body on Wednesday, Feb. 18.

Jessica Glynn, vice president of Government Affairs, informed the general body that the organization has sustained itself since August 2013 and that ITE earned recognition from the national organization last spring. In order to be active on campus, ITE sought recognition from the general body.

There are currently 19 members in ITE, but as the civil engineering program doesn’t offer classes in transportation until junior year, the majority of the existing members are seniors.

Thomas M. Brennan, assistant professor of civil and transportation engineering and ITE’s faculty advisor, attended the general body meeting with two senior members of the club. They fielded questions from Student Government representatives about ITE’s funding and plans for expansion.

Members voted overwhelmingly in favor of recognition.

Glynn then introduced BS-2015-01, a bill designed to “protect the integrity of the [Student Government] organization.”

BS-2015-01 clarifies the requirements for members planning to run for president or executive vice president. In order to run, candidates must be either a general body member for two years or an elected member for one year.

The bill passed without debate.

Vice President of Advancement Sarah Drozd announced that Meet and Greet, an event to speak with prospective Student Government members, will be held on Monday, April 13, in the Alumni Grove.

Casey Dowling, vice president of Academic Affairs, reminded general body members that the Career Center is co-sponsoring a networking event in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, March 4. A total of 53 spots are available to interested students and 40 spots are currently reserved.

Later, it was announced that Equity and Diversity will hold a Multicultural Event on Thursday, March 26, in the Brower Student Center.

Senior class president Brian Garsh announced that Senior Week registration will be up and running in the next two or three weeks.

“It’s been a lot of headaches and a lot of stress,” Garsh said of efforts to coordinate Senior Week plans.

The sophomore class council revealed that president Robert Kinloch was quoted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article from Tuesday, Feb. 17, about the now-infamous T-shirts depicting David Muha, vice president of Communications, Marketing and Brand Management. T-shirts are still on sale in Eickhoff Hall.

Additionally, the freshman class council advertised its Mental Health Awareness Walk, scheduled for Friday, May 1, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. It will start from Green Hall and continue around the loop.

Garsh closed the meeting by reviving an old tradition. He discovered that past Student Government bodies at the College used to compile scrapbooks to commemorate another year of governance.

“I want to start that again so we can have another tradition,” Garsh said, before asking fellow members to collect memorabilia that will allow future members of Student Government to catch a glimpse of what the 2014-15 governing body has accomplished.


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