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Friday March 24th

SFB talks political engagement

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By Jackie Delaney
Production Manager

The Student Finance Board was met with only one appropriation request at their second meeting of the semester on Wednesday, Sept. 2.

Student Government presented for “Advocate,” an initiative to educate the campus community on how to advocate and lobby for different issues. The event features a series of workshops, led by the Student Government Resource Center, selected to aid students in becoming more active politically. The day-long event, according to Vice President Javier Nicasio, is “an initiative by Student Government to jumpstart advocacy efforts and really just educate students on campus about lobbying and advocacy, especially as the College moves to more political engagement.”

The workshops include “Lobbying 101: Communicating with Decision Makers,” “Parliamentary Procedures,” “Running Effective Meetings” and “Participating in Shared Governance,” which is “important especially at the College, where we have a unique shared governance system,” Nicasio said. The event will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 26, in the Decker first floor lounge.

The event was fully funded by the Student Finance Board at $1,850, which includes the expense of bringing in the Student Government Resource Center to do workshops, as well as a catered lunch from Mamma Flora’s.


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