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Sunday September 25th

Career Fair opens doors

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By Morgan Lubner
Staff Writer

The College held its annual fall Career Fair this past week, where students had the chance to speak with professionals and learn about potential job opportunities.

Held in the Student Recreation Center on Friday, Oct. 2, the large all-purpose room was filled with companies offering internship and job availabilities, providing students with a centralized opportunity to plan their future.

Students of all ages were buzzing around the fair, scanning for a company that would fit their desires. Even at the 11 a.m. start of the fair, it was already brimming with hopefuls dressed in their best outfits.

“It’s important for students to see graduate programs and certifications, especially depending on the field, because getting a masters can make yourself more marketable,” senior Spanish and special education double major Lauren Lagriola said. “Students can explore their options postgraduation or for internships here and get their name out there to start networking.”

Her first time at the fair, Lagriola was running the Office of Graduate Studies booth, which included information on both the summer and winter programs.

Lagriola touched on the main reasons students come to the fair — to find internships and jobs and to get their name out there with companies they may want to work for in the future.

“I found a lot of opportunities and two possible internships,” sophomore computer engineering major Andrew Yoon said. “I’m really hopeful.”

While most found the fair to be well-run, others felt it was disorganized and extremely hectic. Some students, like freshman physics major Ian Reed, felt the fair was slightly overwhelming and said they would like to see it sectioned off and organized differently in the future.

“The fair was a little haphazard because there was so much variety,” Reed said. “If it were sectioned into opportunities per major, that would be better. It was a good thing overall.”

On the opposite end, seniors preparing to graduate in a few months searched the room for jobs, handing out their resume left and right to potential employers.

Senior finance major Jillian Hughes said she has used the fair in the past to get an internship.

She interned at New York Life Insurance this past summer, which she said was a great experience that taught her a lot. Thanks to the Career Fair, Hughes said she is hopeful on her job hunt this year.

For those who may have missed out, the College has another fair in the spring for anyone wishing to find out more information about summer internships, graduate programs and prospective employers.


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