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Thursday September 29th

The Signal asks... How do you feel about the Wi-Fi on campus?

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“I think it’s way too spotty. The (not having) Wi-Fi in the towers thing is a problem.”

Richard Marchese, junior elementary
education and iSTEM double major.

“I’m really mad about the Wi-Fi. I live in Townhouse East... The signal itself is pretty strong. Once I’m connected to it, I have no problems.”

Jeremy Leon, junior computer engineering major.

“I live in the townhouses. They continuously promise there will be Wi-Fi and there’s still no Wi-Fi. It’s the 21st century.”

Emma Hopkins, junior communication studies major.

“I’m a (communication studies) major. Most of my classes are in Kendall (Hall) and we (don’t get) Wi-Fi in Kendall (Hall). When I was a freshman, I had to live in the towers. Now that I’m a junior, I’d expect (Wi-Fi since) I’m living in a better place, but the townhouses don’t have it either.”

Students get fed up with the College’s unreliable Wi-Fi around campus. (Raphaëlle Gamanho / Cartoonist)


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