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Sunday December 5th

Freshman year is an invaluable learning experience

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By Danielle Silvia

While many claim that freshman year of College can be one of the best years of your life, others, like myself, saw the year as one giant transition. This past year has taught me so much about life and the changes that occur, all of which have brought me another step closer to the fringes of adulthood. Overall, my freshman year at the College is a monumental step toward adulthood due to the various life lessons I learned along the way.

Moving into college may seem scary at first, especially since the typical college freshman does not know many people besides their roommate. They will be introduced to all types of people from various cultures and backgrounds, and this ultimately will allow them to gain more insight into the world.

In your freshman year will face new challenges (Envato Elements).

From the start of the semester, leaving home and transitioning to a completely new environment is very difficult, mostly because it is out of one’s comfort zone. By trying new things, though, despite a low level of comfort, freshmen are able to use their first year of college as a step toward independence.

Freshman year is a vital experience because it provides students with the opportunity to get involved in clubs and organizations that allow them to express themselves and make friends. College is one of the first opportunities in many people’s lives to meet all types of people and encounter various situations, affording them the chance to create their own thoughts and values.

As a freshman, the first few times I visited home made me feel like a stranger in my own bed. People would ask me how school was going and I felt urged to tell them, “It’s great,” but in reality, it was the first time in my life that I felt out of place. This feeling teaches freshmen how to have patience. Learning how to deal with uncomfortable situations is a key skill to have, along with developing persistence and perseverance — traits that can conquer any type of adversity in life.

When the Spring semester arrived, things got better for many freshmen. Even though they may constantly look back on the last year and see how much has changed, finals will quickly come up, bringing a close to their first year of college. A college workload is more intense than high school and at times, can be stressful. Learning time management skills to equally distribute study sessions and study breaks is a key skill for the workforce and life in general.

Throughout life, everyone will have the chance to close doors and open new ones, and during these life transitions, there will be challenges to overcome. Whether one commutes or lives at college, freshmen in particular will face situations beyond imagination. But by overcoming these challenges, freshmen learn to foster many new skills and life lessons. One can grow into a new person and be able to someday become an active member of society and make contributions that will change the world for the better.


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