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Wednesday December 1st

Yummy Sushi opens in Campus Town

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By Harry Becker

Yummy Sushi recently opened its doors to the local community. The Asian cuisine destination in Campus Town offers an array of options for students at the College, as well as local Ewing, N.J., residents.

The restaurant decided to set up shop in Campus Town and finally opened two weeks ago.

Upon entering the establishment, customers are greeted with a striking orange and white color scheme, with walls decorated with traditional Asian art that provides a modern yet traditional aesthetic. With table settings to accommodate groups of two to four people, Yummy Sushi can hold around 40 patrons.

When looking for a seat, patrons will most likely be greeted by Evan Yap, the manager of the new location. According to Yap, the change to Campus Town was influenced by the new opportunity to serve students.

“We see the opportunity with the college kids,” Yap said. “We like them a lot.”

One of the main benefits was the desire for more food options for college-goers, according to Yap.

Randell Carrido (Staff Photographer)

“(Some) students don’t have a car,” Yap said, outlining the benefits of having an Asian cuisine joint within walking distance of residents from the College and Ewing.

Yap noted that the business has been doing well so far and has attracted mostly a younger group of patrons.

The menu consists of a vast selection of Asian cuisine from Japan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia and more. Among these options are traditional Chinese food classics, different varieties of Vietnamese noodles and ramen, Asian specialty dishes, stir fried dishes, tempura (battered and deep fried seafood or vegetables), katsu (Japanese-style fried chicken) and bento boxes.

However, as the name implies, the eatery’s main business is sushi, with a wide variety of rolls, including the Sleeping Beauty, the Green Dragon, the Dynamite and even the TCNJ.

Even with an extensive menu, Yap elaborated that the restaurant is flexible and welcome to meet customers’ requests.

With the dietary requirements of students evolving constantly, from gluten-free to vegetarian and vegan, Yummy Sushi has adapted to offer an extensive range of choices for patrons.

“It’s really good they have vegetarian options,” said Alice Li, a junior statistics major whose favorite dish is the fried sweet potato roll.

Jia Mi, the librarian tasked with electronic resources and serials at the College, noted that the location is “very convenient for (Alice and I),” both in terms of location and menu choices.

Jia Mi used to frequent the previous Yummy Sushi Parkway Avenue location, but this was her first time at the Campus Town location. She noted that the food was still “very fresh” and she enjoyed that it was not exclusive to Japanese dishes.

Yelp reviews of the Parkway Avenue location are mostly positive, as well, garnering four out of five stars among patrons.

Situated in the middle of Campus Town, Yummy Sushi is complimented by RedBerry across the street, Mexican Mariachi Grill next door and a Panera Bread further down the road, making Yummy Sushi the only Asian cuisine restaurant in the development.

Yummy Sushi is currently serving lunch and dinner to the constantly consuming college crowd throughout the week.


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