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Sunday December 5th

Buzzfeed's beauty deserves appreciation

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You wake up, you roll over, and the first thing you do before anything else is grab your phone. C’mon, we all do it.

And if you’re an avid Buzzfeed user like I am, you know that the first app you open is not Facebook, not Twitter, but the Buzzfeed app, which greets you with that beautiful red circle with a cutting arrow that is the Buzzfeed logo.

Feel free to disagree, but I think that Buzzfeed is one of the most necessary, interesting, and informative apps, no contest. Where else can you find out about what kind of cat you are based on your zodiac sign and fun foods for a Harry Potter-themed birthday party?

We should appreciate sites like Buzzfeed (Envato Elements).

Buzzfeed has only grown and grown since it first was developed and founded in 2006. It describes itself as a, “social news and entertainment company,” as well as a platform for, “the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment, and video.” That could not be a better description. The app acts as a launchpad for informative breaking news, a variety of video channels from cooking to beauty tips, and most famously, it’s highly entertaining (though sometimes bizarre) quizzes. I’m here to break down the best and the worst parts of the Buzzfeed app.

Though there isn’t much room for complaint, Buzzfeed receives a C+ for its news section. Listen, if you’re looking for hard-hitting news from a credible, renowned news source, don’t turn to Buzzfeed News first. They are among the last to provide information and rarely ever get useful comments from whomever the story is about. Let’s just say that if Kim Kardashian is going to provide any news source with a comment, it will not be Buzzfeed. Turn to a more reliable source like the New York Times or ABC News or something like that when looking for breaking news.

Now, Buzzfeed gets all A’s from me for the creative outlets that it has developed. Among my favorites are “Tasty,” Buzzfeed’s video comfort food channel, “Ladylike,” one of Buzzfeed’s video channels that has a group of ladies who try out crazy things, and of course the famous Buzzfeed quizzes, which range in topics from Disney to wine to “what percent ‘cool’ are your parents?” Whenever I have some spare time, I love checking out the new posts on all of these channels since they are updated super frequently. I’m talking multiple times a day. It’s a great way to unwind and see some fun, positive things online for once, and sometimes the channels can prove to be super useful, especially “Tasty.”

I’ve used “Tasty” recipes for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and so many times in between, because who wouldn’t want mini pumpkin pies or churro ice cream bowls? (I love me some sweets, if you cannot tell). “Tasty’s” short and sweet videos are equally as useful as they are adorable, and if you are looking for some easy-to-make treats, “Tasty” is perfect for you.

Whenever you get sick and tired of seeing your relatives’ political opinions posted on Facebook, or the same post over and over on Instagram of that one girl who tries way too hard, try killing some time on Buzzfeed. You will have zero regrets, I promise.


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