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Monday April 15th

SFB funds Unified Greek Council’s educational Step, Stroll, Salute event

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By Olivia Rizzo
Staff Writer

The Student Finance Board had only one request for funding during the meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 15.

SFB funds the UGC’s cultural event. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

The Unified Greek Council was fully funded $3,750 for its Step, Stroll, Salute Exhibition by SFB.

“It’s a performance-based event off organizations and their cultural background. It will give the campus community a chance to learn more about the historical context of strolling step and saluting,” said Diana Rodriguez, UGC president.

In the past, this event had been used for recruitment purposes, but upon reflection, the organization concluded that it was best to shift the event’s purpose to be a fun and educational experience for the entire campus community.

Funding will cover the costs of a DJ, water, security and a stage.

The Step, Stroll, Salute Exhibition will take place on March 3, in Packer at 7:30 p.m.


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