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Monday April 15th

SFB funds awareness events and job opportunities

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By Olivia Rizzo
Staff Writer

The Student Finance Board funded a variety of events at the latest meeting that will allow students to explore different cultures and professional opportunities.

The Deaf Hearing Connection Club returned to seek funding for its Deaf Awareness Day speaker, and the event was fully funded in the amount of $4,250.

The event was tabled earlier in the semester with hopes that the organization could bring down the cost of the speaker or fund a larger venue for the event.

The keynote speaker, Mark Wood, is the owner and director of ASL Films, which produces movies in American Sign Language and does not use dialogue nor soundtracks.

Wood grew up in an all deaf family, which he plans on highlighting during his presentation.

Funding will cover the costs of Wood’s speaking fee, travel expenses and showing fee in order to view one of Wood’s films entitled “Versa Effect.”

The movie and presentation will have subtitles and ASL interpreters for those who do not know ASL. Deaf Awareness Day will take place on April 19 in rooms 113 and 115 of the Education Building.

The board tabled the Association of Students for Africa’s request for additional funding in the amount of $3,500 for its Akwabaa Banquet, which was originally funded last December.

Upon factoring the additional funds into the $4,264.96 the organization was originally funded, SFB tabled the request due to the high cost per student.

The additional funds would have been used to bring a performance group to the Akwabaa Banquet that would play and dance to traditional and modern African music.

According to the proposal packet, the event “will showcase to the TCNJ community that ASFA has arrived and is fully operating to bring a taste of the African culture to campus. Africa is one of the biggest continents in the world and TCNJ students should be exposed to its culture.”

The Akwabaa Banquet will take place on April 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the Decker Social Space.

The Environmental Club was funded $1,850.32 for a bus trip to the Climate March in Washington D.C. in late April.

Funding will cover the costs of one bus and its parking fees. A second bus was tabled in order to see if the organization can show enough interest in the event to have a second bus.

The Climate March Bus Trip will take place on April 29.

SFB discusses funding a Deaf Awareness Day speaker. (Jason Proleika / Photo Editor)

The American Medical Student Association received $750 in funding for its Hippocrates Luncheon. It was revealed during the presentation that AMSA had already advertised for the event with a Facebook event page, violating SFB guidelines, but since the organization could confirm that the event could still take place without SAF funds, the board was still able to consider funding.

Funding will cover the costs of food and decorations. According to the proposal packet, the luncheon brings together students interested in pursuing a career in medicine with alumni who currently work in the field.

The board tabled the organization’s request for $1,000 to cover alumni’s travel expenses in order to get a clear number of alumni planning to attend.

The Hippocrates Luncheon will take place on April 2 in room 212 of the Education Building.

Synergy Dance Company received $3,855 in funding for its Synergy Spring Spectacular. According to the proposal packet, the event is an annual spring dance recital and will feature student-choreographed performances.

Funding will cover the cost of Kendall Hall fees, costumes, flowers for graduating members, advertising materials and a DVD recording of the performance.

The Synergy Spring Spectacular will take place on April 23 in Kendall Hall.

The board did not fund Student Government Class of 2019’s request for a class formal at Adventure Aquarium in Camden, N.J.

Since the Class of 2019 received funding for a moonlight cruise formal last semester, SFB denied funding for the requested amount: $6,166.75.

Student Government received $3,511.94 for its T-Shirt Swap. According to the proposal packet, the event looks to “promote school spirit… and gives students who are not affiliated with an organization a TCNJ shirt to wear.”

Funding covers the costs of 1,000 T-shirts and tablecloths.

Student Government’s T-Shirt Swap will take place on March 29 on the Green Hall Lawn.


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