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Sunday December 5th

Unequal access to Wi-Fi unfair for students

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By Kristen Frolich

Travers and Wolfe halls were filled with happy students on Wednesday, March 29, thanks to the new addition of Wi-Fi in the Towers. Freshmen will no longer have to use ethernet cables or go over their data plans when using the internet in their rooms.

While adding Wi-Fi in the freshmen buildings was a huge step forward in the renovation of the Towers, Travers and Wolfe halls were not the only buildings on campus that were lacking Wi-Fi. Some of the buildings that do not share the luxury of a strong internet connection include Townhouses East, Forcina Hall and Kendall Hall.

Although it is understandable that adding internet across campus is an expensive project, it is an obvious problem that not every single building has Wi-Fi. The internet has become essential for communication, school work and much more. So, it tends to bother students that two academic buildings do not have a strong connection.

Some of the buildings that do not share the luxury of a strong internet (envato elements).

Forcina Hall is home to the Department of Computer Science while Kendall Hall houses the Department of Communication Studies along with the Main Stage Theater. Both of these halls contain majors in which having Wi-Fi is crucial for their education and field of study.

As a communication studies major, I can relate to this struggle since I have several classes in Kendall. This semester, I have two classes in which I don’t have Wi-Fi. How can I be expected to learn about media communication if I do not have access to one of the most important means of transmitting media?

While I am not demanding for this issue to be solved immediately, the campus should be informed, if they are not already, about how their is unequal access to Wi-Fi for certain majors. All students should have access to the internet, whether it be in their room, classroom or when walking around campus.

While the Towers might have finally obtained Wi-Fi, the struggle of internet access around the rest of campus remains.

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