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Sunday November 28th

Underage drinking results in sickness and summons

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By Brielle Bryan
Opinions Editor

Male student sleeps blanketed in vomit

On Nov. 5, at approximately 2:30 a.m., two Campus Police officers were dispatched to Wolfe Hall in reference to an intoxicated male. TCNJ EMS was also dispatched to the scene. Upon arrival, Campus Police met with the community adviser and a male resident, who both called for help. The male resident stated his roommate came back from an off-campus party at approximately 1 a.m., and he observed that his roommate was intoxicated, police said. The male resident then placed a trash can by his roommate’s bed in case he were to get sick. The male resident stated he left the room and came back at approximately 2 a.m. to find that his intoxicated roommate had vomited on the bed and on the floor, according to police reports. The male resident then notified the CA of the situation.

The intoxicated male was observed to be sleeping in his bed with vomit covering the bed and floor, police said. The intoxicated roommate woke up when prompted. Campus Police observed him to have slurred speech when answering questions. The intoxicated male stated that he was drinking liquor and beer, but was unaware of how much, police said. TCNJ EMS and a local township BLS arrived on scene to evaluate the intoxicated roommate. It was determined that the roommate needed to be transported to the hospital for further treatment, police said. The intoxicated roommate was not charged under the 911 Amnesty Act.

Four shots frazzle student

On Nov. 5, at approximately 3 a.m., a Campus Police officer was dispatched to Phelps Hall regarding an intoxicated male. Upon arrival, the officer met with the CA, police said. The CA reported that while he was roving through the hall, he observed a female resident who was locked out of her room. The CA assisted the female resident and entered her room. The CA then observed an intoxicated male student inside of the female resident’s room and notified TCNJ EMS, police said.

TCNJ EMS arrived on scene and provided patient care and evaluation. The female student reported that the male student drank four shots of vodka. The intoxicated male student vomited four times while TCNJ EMS was treating him, police said. The male student refused to go to the hospital, and was released. The male student was given a ticket for underage drinking.

Student harrassed after suspicious activity on Snapchat

On Wednesday, Nov. 8, at approximately 7:30 p.m., a Campus Police officer responded to Phelps Hall in reference to an individual being harassed. Upon arrival, the officer met with the complainant, a female student, who stated that on Nov. 8 she began receiving text messages and phone calls from unknown phone numbers. The female student stated that at approximately 5 a.m., 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., she received a total of 15 text messages from unknown numbers. She stated that the numbers appeared to be affiliated with Snapchat, but also appeared to be fake, police said. The female student stated that at approximately 5:15 p.m., she received three FaceTime calls from an unknown email address, which she declined. The calls were followed by five text messages requesting to chat.

Campus Police asked the student if she downloaded any applications on her device, or if she accessed any websites that appeared suspicious recently, but she denied any questionable activity, according to police reports. The officer advised the student that her Snapchat account may have been hacked. The student was advised to delete her Snapchat account, and change her other social media account settings to better protect her privacy, police said. The student was also advised to contact Apple or her cellular service provider to see if they had any solutions.

Mysterious broken door spooks Eick employee

On Nov. 3, at approximately 10:20 a.m., two Campus Police officers responded to Eickhoff Hall to meet with an employee in reference to a damaged door. Upon arrival, Campus Police met the employee at the entrance of Eickhoff Hall. Campus Police observed the door on the right of the entrance to have a panel that was pushed inward, toward the dining hall. Some of the trim holding the panel in place was missing and could not be located, police said. The side of the panel facing the hallway did not appear to have any marks that might indicate what was used to tamper with the panel.

The employee stated that the panel was fine on Nov. 2, when he left at 9 p.m., and when he returned to work on Nov. 3 at approximately 8 a.m., he found the panel pushed in, police said. The employee was unsure of who or what caused the damage. A work order was placed to have the panel fixed on Nov. 3. The damage was valued at $100, police said. There is no camera in that area that could have recorded the incident, and there are no known suspects at this time.

Anyone with information can contact Campus Police at (609) 771-2345.


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