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Wednesday December 1st

Facebook ‘friend’ intimidates student

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By Brielle Bryan
News Editor

Online stranger attempts to make student’s life ‘a beautiful hell’

On March 6, at approximately 7:10 a.m., a male student arrived at Campus Police Headquarters to report an attempt of extortion. He told Campus Police that he received a Facebook friend request on March 5 from an account with the name of a female individual who he did not recognize. The student decided to accept the friend request, and soon after received a Facebook message from the female individual. They had a three-hour long conversation through Facebook Messenger, according to police reports.

At some point during their conversation, the female individual asked the male student to video chat through Facebook, police said. The male student stated that while they were video chatting, the female individual — who did not appear on the video while they were video chatting — asked the male student to do sexual acts. The female individual asked the student to masturbate and to make sure that his face was in the video, to which he complied, according to police reports.

After the video chat was concluded, the male student stated that he received multiple threatening messages from the female individual. The individual warned the student that if he did not send money, she would send the screenshots she took from the video chat to his family, police said. She then proceeded to show him that she knew the Facebook accounts of both his father and mother, and also sent him the screenshots that were taken.

The male student advised Campus Police that he offered to pay the female individual $15 and could not provide more since he is a student. He told police that the female individual said that $15 was not enough, and that he needed to send at least $100 for the photos to get deleted. The female individual sent the male student a link to where he had to send the money, according to police reports.

The male student said that he also received a threatening email from the individual saying that if he did not pay, “I swear to you that I will make your life a beautiful hell.” After he received that email, the student stopped answering the individual and went to Campus Police Headquarters to report the incident.

The student stated that he did not exchange any further information with the individual and did not send any money. He told Campus Police that he removed the female individual as a friend on Facebook and subsequently received a message from a different Facebook account that included the pictures of him as well as a message saying that he needed to pay the money, police said.

Campus Police told the male student to stop any further communication with both Facebook accounts, and that it would send a message to the email account and advise the individual that what she was doing is illegal and to cease contact with the male student. Campus Police had the male student forward all emails and Facebook messages he exchanged with the female individual.

The male student left Campus Police Headquarters and returned later at 10:30 a.m. He stated that he received another threatening email at approximately 10 a.m. Campus Police had the male student forward the message and advised that it would be best to not reply to the message, to which the student agreed.

Intoxicated individuals crash Wolfe Hall

On March 3, at approximately 11:05 p.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Wolfe Hall in reference to two suspicious males. Upon arrival, Campus Police spoke with a concerned male student who reported that a female student approached him and told him that she was in Wolfe Hall with two friends when two unknown white male individuals entered the room uninvited, police said.

The female student said that the individuals had on blue TCNJ sweatshirts and blue jeans. The individuals appeared to be drunk and told the students that they used to live in that dorm room. The two male students left when she told them to, police said. The female student told Campus Police that the door of the room was not locked when the individuals entered.

The individuals were gone when Campus Police arrived on scene, police said. Campus Police checked the common areas for the individuals in question but they were not located. The students were advised to keep their doors locked and to contact Campus Police if they had any additional information.

Student almost drinks her pants off at frat party

On March 7, at approximately 3:20 a.m., Campus Police was dispatched to Townhouses East in reference to a possibly intoxicated female who may have had no pants on. Upon arrival, Campus Police observed a female student who appeared to be intoxicated. She was wearing black ripped jeans, which were unbuttoned, with fishnet stockings underneath the jeans and a black tube top, police said. The female’s knees were scraped up, which Campus Police later found out because she fell.

The intoxicated student advised Campus Police that she lived in the townhouses and that she went to a party that was hosted by a fraternity and had too much to drink, police said. She did not disclose what she had been drinking.

Pro-staff, TCNJ EMS and Ewing Township EMS arrived on scene to evaluate the female student. The female student refused further medical attention and signed the refusal paperwork after she was evaluated by EMS, police said.

The female student who called Campus Police about her intoxicated friend advised Campus Police that she was concerned about the welfare of her friend when she made the call. Therefore, the intoxicated student wasn’t issued an underage drinking summons due to New Jersey’s 911 Lifeline Legislation, police said. The intoxicated student was left in the care of her housemate.

Anyone with information can contact Campus Police at (609) 771-2345.


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